Ferrari Fiorano New Bright 40 MHz PART Coffee Maker Repair - Replacing 2 days ago   16:03

CSGOG Ferrari Fiorano New Bright 40 Mhz. Charity shop Gold or Garbage?
Scale 1:16
Frequency: 40MHz

Artur Pawlowicz - NewBright Ferrari Fiorano 40 Mhz

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RC Dre
nice bit of modding buddy cool shell there too love the Fiorano !!
I do have that sneaky Suspicion that those are not Lithium Polymer but Lithium Ion Batteries. The difference is, LiPos are to be charged up to 4.2 Volts, where as LiIons will be fully charged when reaching 4.1 Volts per Cell. The Nominal Voltages of these Types do vary by 0.1 Volt as well, 3.7 for a Lipo, 3.6 for a LiIon. Not that it would make a hell of a difference in your particular Applications, just thougt i would mention it. Ponit one of a Volt does not seem to be much, but these Cells do like to be treated correctly. Best Regards :-)
i love tinkering too
stephen preece that stuff lol loving this :-o
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Coffee Maker Repair - Replacing Ferrari Fiorano New Bright 40 MHz PART 2 days ago   01:09

Click here for more information on this part, installation instructions and more.

This particular Carafe is specific to Cuisinart. To find a Carafe specific to your model, visit

If your coffee maker is having any of these symptoms, then replacing the Carafe could solve your appliance problem:
1) Damaged
2) Cracked
3) Leaking

OEM Part Number: DCC-1200PRC

No tools are used for this repair/replacement:

Get model-specific repair help from Learn how to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair your household products with customer repair stories and step-by-step repair videos.