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3.1.8 Life Coaching Course; | Igor Ledochowski: Build Instant - At Ai-Tube.com

3.1.8 Life Coaching Course; Igor Ledochowski: Build Instant 5 months ago   02:26

Having an understanding of your behaviour and NLP can be an important factor for anyone looking to become a Life Coach or is an existing Life Coach .The Life Coaching course with the Australian Institute of Life Coaches explains this to students who want to become Life Coaches.

There is a positive intention motivating every behaviour, and a context in which every behaviour has value.

A person who has money but spends very little of it may be considered by some to be mean and behaving in a negative way but, if by doing so that person is able to pay for their children to have the best possible education, the positive intention of the behaviour becomes apparent. (That's a good example of reframing by the way, more on that later too.)

Feedback vs. Failure - All results and behaviours are achievements, whether they are desired outcomes for a given task/context, or not.

We learn from our mistakes.

There is no such thing as failure - only feedback. Achieving a less-than-desired outcome is still an achievement. The only way we can fail is to admit defeat and do nothing.

If we can suspend our natural urge to feel bad whenever we are less than 100% successful we can make valuable learnings and take them forward to improve our performance on future tasks.

That basically covers the original presuppositions of NLP as described by Richard Bandler. Here's a couple of recent additions which I've found useful:-

Respect the other person's model of the world.

The world according to the other person's model is probably somewhat different than the world in your model, as you will discover in the section on Representational Preferences. Being prepared to respect that model and even join that person in their model is very empowering.

You are in charge of your mind and therefore your results.

Or as Richard Bandler would say, "who's driving the bus? You are!"

All procedures should increase choice.

NLP is all about increasing choice which in turn gives us more flexibility in our behaviour.

Resistance is merely a sign of a lack of rapport.

Rapport in the context of NLP is a state of trust and responsiveness between you and another person. Be prepared to work on establishing a good rapport as once you've gained it whatever comes next will be a whole lot easier to achieve.

If you are looking for a Life Coaching Course in Australia contact the Australian Institute of Life Coaches to become a Life Coach.

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Igor Ledochowski: Build Instant 3.1.8 Life Coaching Course; 5 months ago   11:00

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Internationally acclaimed hypnosis expert Igor Ledochowski shares a brilliant technique that makes building rapport anyone easy and fun. Igor also reveals a big mistake that many people make when trying to connect with others -and how you can avoid it.

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