'We're Making Our Country Great What the 1% Don't Want You to Know 2 months ago   07:01

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'We're Making Our Country Great Again': Trump Touts Economic Growth, Calls US 'Envy of the World'

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SRV. 123
Enjoy it while you can. Outright demographics predicts a disastrous future and pain when the boomer generation go in 10 years. Kids today cannot afford families and homes.
Tony Candes
With God I can do all things! Congratulations Mr. Trump!
Cynthia Pittman
THEY see it in their pockets.
Major Victory
I would like to see the economy at a 4% growth like it was under Reagan
3.8 unemployment 4.1 GDP MAGA
People's SKY
Trump is trying to make AMERICA GREAT, but some idiots is not appreciating it
Missna Missna
Making America great again for who?.....
Janet Masiello
This is wonderful news!
I believe people in this country care about the economy & immigration.
And by the way,
the Russian BS that the MSM is pushing, is not even a blip on the radar !
It is clear to me,
that the media does NOT have their finger on the pulse of America, but in fact are under the thumb of the globalists !
Todd Sanderson
research the Demon King of Pride Leviathan and tell me that doesn't describe the Main Stream Media. It will shock you and prove how real Demons are.
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What the 1% Don't Want You to Know 'We're Making Our Country Great 2 months ago   24:31

Economist Paul Krugman explains how the United States is becoming an oligarchy - the very system our founders revolted against.

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