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My Mom Wants me to Get Plastic Surgery

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Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m just like every other girl my age, except for one thing…and well, that’s what I want to talk to you about today. I’m 16 years old, and OK…I don’t really know how to put this…I’m ugly! Not like hideously ugly, but I’m no beauty queen. My mom’s a beauty queen though, well at least she was when she was younger. She was the beauty queen of our state, but now she just helps run the beauty pageant. And she looks wonderful for her age. She’s super slim and has long straight hair. Ever since I was a little girl she’s always tried to make me look prettier. She used to buy me expensive pink frilly dresses and tie my frizzy hair up in cute polka-dot hair bows, but she still never seemed satisfied. She never registered me into the cutest baby competitions and never ever let me participate in any of her beauty pageants. I mean it’s not as if I even want to take part, but she’s my mom and she runs it, she could at least ask me if I want to join, right? Or at least invite me to attend!

For my thirteenth birthday, she bought me a make-up set and said I should start wearing make-up every day if I ever want to have a chance at being successful! Can you believe it? A few of the girls in my year at school are participating in the upcoming pageant, and their moms are there at every rehearsal cheering them on. My mom’s there too, of course, seeing as she’s in charge of it.

One day, my friend Marissa asked me to come over to her place after school. As we walked out of the school gates, her mom came running over to us telling her she’d be late for the special beauty pageant ceremony. She’d completely forgotten it was today! I told her I’d just see her at school tomorrow, but her mom insisted I come along too. I knew my mom was the guest speaker at this ceremony, and I’d offered to come along and support her, but she went really quiet when I said that, and told me I should probably just stay at home and do my homework. I didn’t argue with her because she really didn’t seem to want me to come.

I got in the car with Marissa and her mom and decided that maybe my mom was being modest and would secretly love me to be there. As we arrived at the venue, Marissa headed backstage to join the other beauty queen contestants, and I took a seat in the front row with Marissa’s mom. Before my mom was due to go on stage, she came out to check that everything was in order, and that’s when she spotted me. I waved and smiled at her, but she didn’t wave back. She looked upset with me. She asked me what I was doing here and why I wasn’t at home? She told me to go wait in the car or I’d be in big trouble. I didn’t even reply to her. It didn’t seem worth the fight. I grabbed my bag and said bye to Marissa’s mom before running off. Marissa’s mom looked at me with tears in her eyes.

An hour later my mom climbed into the car and we drove home in silence. I went straight to my room and locked the door. I just felt so alone. My mom came to my room and I opened my door because I thought maybe she wanted to apologise, but instead, she said she’d booked me an appointment with Dr. Reynolds to see if he could fix my face, and with Dr. Smith to discuss my diet. Again, I didn’t even argue. I’d just given up. It had been like this my whole life. The next day we were sat in Dr. Reynolds office and he looked at me in confusion. He asked my mom why on earth we were here. He looked at me and said I have one of the most beautiful faces he has ever seen and that there’s nothing that needs alterations on my face! My mom interrupted him and said she thinks I am ugly and that it’s affecting my school life and my social life. When I heard her words I ran out of Dr. Reynolds office and burst into tears. Why was my mom so cruel? Why couldn’t I have a mom like Marrisa’s?


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Adraina Portillo
This reminds me of the movie dumplin from Netflix
Kiera's nails lambert
Her mom looks dead she's paper white (Not racist my dad's white so I'm not racist if I was racist to black or white people I would basically be being racist to my self)
J Windigo
Ur not ugly ur bootifull
Rainbow Girl 789
I woulda still slapped that b across the face
Salina Kouser
Love your vids
Linnea Vargas 6b Björkestaskolan
Shes the worst mother ever!
Laaibah and Ifza amir
What kind of a mother is that?!
Keri ann Bridgeman
Keri ann Bridgeman
You not ugly
Gašper Glavan
So they went to the doctors even tho she thouht she was pretty??????? I think not
Satyra Hillgrove
Rudest mom ever.?.?.! Your mom should tell you look beautiful everyday no matter what you look like plus looks don't even matter!!!! That mom needs help.....?
"her mom looked at me with tears in her eyes". *smiling as a plastic tear slides down her cheek*
Long short Kitty
That’s really sad
Bethany Jackson
This mom is so mean she is just so rude and disrespectful
Miranda McCall
Hell naw girlfriend I've seen the worst people who are ugly on the inside and out who found spouses to match. If that taught me anything it's that 1. Being a good person comes first 2. You will always be more beautiful than someone else 3. There is truly someone out there for everyone.
Just make sure you love yourself just as much as that person loves you and then suddenly you find that crap like other peoples negative opinions don't matter.
Super123 Crafty
Someone has been watching to much Netflix
Super123 Crafty
Sorry but this the exact plot of dumplin a Netflix film like the exact plot 🤔
María Estrada
Don't say your ugly your a pretty Queen
Nan Willo
2:55 what's the soundtrack name please ?!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Trina Lu
I could never enter a beauty pageant. I just don't have a slim body. It's quite sad really
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My Parents Are Never Happy With My Mom Wants Me to Get Plastic Surgery 2 months ago   06:09


This is Sophie! A lot of people will be able to relate to her problem: She wants to talk to you about college admission exams. But, well, any type of very important exams will do to prove her point. She wants you to know that trying to pass those exams with a high score may make your life a real hell.

Sophie feels that college admission is probably going to be the most important moment in her life so far. All her actions in life up to this point were aimed at helping her to pass her SATs with top marks and enter an Ivy League university. Her parents come from China, and she was born in America. They lived a hard life so that she could get access to new opportunities, in order to have the chance to excel in life. She’s thankful to them for that, and she wants to make them proud of her. The only problem is what that pride will cost her.

Sophie started learning math at a very early age. Her dad is actually very good at it, so he became her first tutor. When she went to school, all the kids were slowly studying addition while she was already good at decimal division. This is of course not a bad thing; the only difficulty with this was that she had to study math every evening after school to be that good. What do children normally do after school? Sports? Hobbies? Go out with friends? Forget it! You need to study in order to enter Harvard! Harvard is a very abstract notion for a seven-year-old child, so in her imagination it was like a paradise full of elves and cotton candy where she could finally relax.

However, if your parents say that Harvard is your objective in life, you tend to trust them without asking too many questions. That is why throughout all those years she was convinced that the only mark acceptable to her, not only in math but in any other subject, was an A. Even an A- seemed like a failure, and it meant that she needed to study harder. Sophie knows that her parents love her a lot. Her only problem with this is that this race wears you out. She has a strong fear of making a mistake and therefore getting a lower mark, and it drives her crazy.

As time passed, Sophie studied more and more intensely. She’s now a senior, and if she looks back on her childhood years all she remembers are the endless books, test papers and...studying, studying, studying. Her happiest memories are the birthday parties of her schoolmates, which she eventually attended, and the times when she could go out to the cinema or just hang out with her friends (whom she surprisingly managed to find considering her constant lack of free time). But she doesn’t want to make a tragedy out of that. She has a different problem. Now that she’s approaching the time when she needs to apply to university, she feels like she’s cracking.

You know those athletes who live their lives for a gold medal at the Olympics, and when they finally arrive to the finals they fail miserably because they are too nervous? This is exactly what is happening to Sophie. Now that achieving her goal is so close, and she’s polished her knowledge and abilities to perfection, all she needs to do is pass the exams and get her SAT marks, but she just can’t. She keeps reading her books, and she feels that she just doesn’t know anything at all and that when it comes to taking the exam she will end up with a task that she can’t handle. She feels burnt out, and thinks the Harvard wonderland will not accept her.

When she went to talk about this problem with her parents, they came with out that “stop talking nonsense, get back to studying” attitude. Maybe they’re right, she thought, maybe I just need to concentrate. But all the same, she turned up for her first SAT exam almost ready to faint. It was horrible. She finished the exam all panicky, because she’d been studying for it her whole life and thought she might now fail it just because of stupid nerves! It was so embarrassing, and she just hoped that her knowledge had come out automatically while she had been writing.

Her parents’ attitude didn’t help. When she came home her dad was like, “If you get less than 750 I will be very disappointed”. He didn’t add “with you”, but it was intended. Her thoughts were now racing like crazy; she kept thinking about what she should have written in her test paper and what her parents would say to her when she got an average mark. When the time came to check the results, she was so stressed that she could barely believe what she saw before her eyes: a splendid 770. She had to tell her parents at once! They would be so glad! But her dad had only a cold shower for her: “I actually thought you would score somewhere around 800. This is too low.”

The saddest thing is that her biggest fear is not she won’t get into Harvard, but that she’ll disappoint her parents. She hopes this won’t happen – wish her luck.

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