Millionaire Reacts: Living On $60K Ben Mallah: The $250,000,000 Man | Full Interview 1 day ago   16:37

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Another video came up by CNBC Make it - Living On $60K A Year In NYC | Millennial Money - Here are my thoughts while I review her finances, spending habits, and investments. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Dr Bitchcraft
ooh calling me out with that "passion should be seen as business" speech
dominic bullene
You sir have made me think of my own finances and im started to make changes, plus you got me motivated to invest in real estate
after watching this maybe i should look into a better sayings account but hey i don't drink coffee....ha ha
If you like their coffee, I say enjoy the Starbucks. Nobody would say she’s crazy if she had a $100 cable bill.
Arie Fraiser
My son is 9. I had him around 31 about the same age as the lady in the video. It's amazing to me how fast those 9 years flew by. In another 9 years he will have graduated high school and I expect the next 9 years to seemingly fly by faster than the last. Your 30 is the time to start setting yourself up for the future you envision. Each decade you don't makes it exponentially harder to do later on.
E Cruz
Don't know if you'll see this but I followed you from your main channel to here cause you seem like a legit person you can take advice from. Is Shopify and dropshipping a legit way to make money? Or is a rare thing to be able to do?
György Cziffra
The rent might be OK for a 20 year old sharing an apartment. This is just sad. A childless, 32 (!!!!) year old living with roomies. Modern life for women are brutal thanks to feminism.
Pineapple_Coconuts Website
How do I figure out my expenses??? Like how am I supposed to know what u shouldn’t really be spending on ???? Tips tricks etc please help
I have never had a credit card (only debit) in my life, but I am not in the US. Could explain or is there a video already explaining why do banks give you points for using a credit card? Is a credit card normally free? Do they give you bonuses because they sell the data about your purchases? What's the bank benefit in here? Or do they hope that you forget to re-pay so that you pay the interest?
Kovan Gurgo
on the video thumbnail on your screen you have watched have of the video man 1:10. why you saying you haven't seen it beforehand.
Razor Ex
Drink at home and go to the bar and get a glass of water? What?
Lemuel Reynold
I used to have this lifestyle, but looking back to the last 8 months I lived like this, it's not actually worth it. I don't spend $100 though, I live in Indonesia, so I'd say I spend around $56.64 a month. Simple math, $56.64×8 (months I spent going to Starbucks) is $453.12. I spent $453.12 just for my pee to smell like a goddamn coffee
The Bizness
Graham is buying bitches water at the bar, he is not to be finessed 😂
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Shoe closet apartments fetching 3000 a month as it is
Anne D
You are hilarious Graham. Let the girl live on her $100/month Starbucks run.
John Cole
Upsets me watching this. But now getting more salty thinking about what I waste money on.. Downloading Mint that you've reccommended before.
Jiawei Wu
$140 monthly for phone bill????
Max Johnson
You look like such a fag in your thumbnails
Kelly O
I half feel bad for her for the roast, but I also sincerely hope she watches this to get all your great advice! I’m a professional dancer and I think part of the problem is we’ve been told since we started training at a young age that we won’t make any money in this profession. That’s just not true. I’m afraid most performers expect to struggle financially or at least expect to need a “side gig.” In her case, I hope she gets her Equity card soon so she can start making union money when she’s performing. She’s a beautiful dancer.

Thanks Graham for helping inspire me to ramp up my financial game. No debt and saving like a mofo🤓
thank you for this
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Ben Mallah: The $250,000,000 Man | Full Interview Millionaire Reacts: Living On $60K 1 day ago   25:16

Ben Mallah Full Interview - Here he discussed how he got started investing in real estate, and how be built his entire real estate empire. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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