WHAT CAN YOU CUT WITH PAPER? Making Music in Fortnite Creative 2 months ago   12:20

Get ready for the ultimate paper cut. Subscribe if you like tacos.

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Micaiah Hall
8:49 If you look closely you can see that it is just photoshop.
doge __________
I am doge
Supreme_ Savage
Put a little oof into that chop.

Mr.Beast Quote-2019
Jarec Gill
10:41 wearing smb shirt hydro city music still in back round
Jarec Gill
9:29 Hydro City Music from sonic 3 and knuckles
Kerstan Guanzon
I thought this was mr beast
monkhtsog ulziijargal
I won
Smol Jax
I was like "this guy kinda sounds like Mr Beast" then I read the comments😂😂
Andrew Mills
Omg hahaha the face
Ryan Warring Bird
Rps r1 I choos...
z's not here animations
My pie chart

Most of it: idiots
Tiny sliver: people like me who realize half of the more like 90% of it is garbage
Max Playz -w-
I actually chose scissors-
I actually chose rock-
I actually chose paper ;-;
The Diamond Knight
What can you cut with paper

Your fingers
Kian Rivera
What if we can cut with paper?
I call it *paper* *cutting*
Jay Playz - ROBLOX & More!
My life \_º__\ \
Derpy Boy
6:00 you can use a knife to cut a pizza
William Robertson

I’m sorry...
Articwof 10
I can cut my hand and fingers with paper i already do it
why do you love liquid nitrogen
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Making Music in Fortnite Creative WHAT CAN YOU CUT WITH PAPER? 2 months ago   10:26

I made music with the new music blocks in Fortnite Creative Mode.
I am finally a REAL musician!!

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