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Russian mathematician Olga Ladyzhenskaya left behind an influential body of work, which continues to impact fields such as weather forecasting to this day. For that reason, Google are marking what would have been her 97th birthday.

Here are four things to know about the influential scientist.

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Xin Jing
Anyone knows what this background music is ?
Why do i get the feeling that this video was completely generated by an algorithm?
Stephen McLendon
I think the title is incorrect: Google is a singular word and should have used 'is' vs 'are'. Google is marking.., not Google are marking...
89792131121607920 math is cool
This just reminded me of that movie, *_The Man Who Knew Infinite_* which I saw from a DVD i rented from red-box once. The guy was almost like a savant in a certain area of math.
killumiPUTINati CannibalMonkeysrus
One of the strongest women mathematicians in history. Thanks to Google for reminding me about this great woman.
This video is more about propagating how "bad" and "oppressive" was the soviet regime, than actually honoring a great woman and telling about her achievements, using her only as an excuse for spreading anti-soviet propaganda. Nothing new from the likes of The Independent though. Shame on you.
Priestess Auset Ra Amen
What a brilliant lady. Impressive indeed.
Maria del Pilar Martinez
Qué bien,
Otra MUJER, Súper GENIA Opacada por el machismo…
panagranit pana
Please don’t put out another video like that one with the small lettering you can hardly read it. I’m talking about reading it on a iPhone or whatever also the print went by so fast you couldn’t even read it. Next time narrate it.
edward latt
Her father was executed by the NKVD, which like most of the Bolshevik revolution, was started by someone of the "jewish" persuasion ( Genrikh Yagoda). The NKVD was responsible for the execution of over 10 MILLION people. Overall, the communist revolution was responsible for the murder of over 100 MILLION people worldwide.
Kinda makes hitler look like a piker.. .eh ?
Lawrence C
impressive mathematician. she was even a potential Fields Medal recipient
ljerka ana bukvić
"Enemy of the nation" is not equal or the synonim for the "Enemy of the folk". You are doing this mistake and all the similar word's mistakes intentionally like the REALLY and the ONLY ENEMY of the East: in this case of Russia and the whole old-timer population worldwide. Because of your historical and traditional sins - East must be protected by their orthodox Priests. You spolied, white jerks of Europe. My ancestors were not your kind so we have been living here for so long, long time. (What a poetry)! Math is less but Thinking.
Why so much talk about communism? Bolshevism in Russia were sponsored by the USraelian jewish anti russian russophobic (racist) banksters and there existed mainly said at least 3 different Soviet unions. All those western spies and enemies of Russian state were finally destroyed under Stalin, including western beloved "philosopher" and pioneer of the Holodomor, Lev Bronstein, in west known under pseudo name as "Trotski". That is why Stalin became the biggest "tyrrant in history"; because he eliminated those subjects and stopped a total destruction of Russian, Ukrainian and other soviet people and because he stopped the WW2 and because he industrialized the Soviet union. Free health care, free education for all people, no matter what color you were or from which "class" you came from. US copied Soviet acts and rights for workers. But did not copy the right for the free health care and free education, that's why majority of american students live in loans until the end of their lives.
Judas Corbyn
In short: socialism stifles life and progress, so pursue socialist utopian dreams at your peril.
james ohara
This is why communism can never get it's sorry arse out of the mud, they stifle peoples basic needs as outlined in Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid.
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