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April 25th, 2013

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Harry H
Only the bruthas should be able to carry a gun. How else can they jack up the white crackas.
Levi Lopez
That chick is stupid. Police rarely prevent crime. They respond to 911 calls and get there sometimes during the crime or usually after. That's why they carry a big spool of ribbon marked "crime scene" and have detectives to investigate and try to figure out what happened, always after the fact. Not to mention she is bitching about him exercising his rights. She is just prejudicial against whites and guns....or just whites with guns? I bet if it was a black youngster she would be cheering him on.
Steven s
True patriot🇺🇸💯
Fay King
Narrator: Charlotte neighbors frightened, a man constantly walking the neighborhood carrying a knife... and a rifle!
Adira (frightened neighbor): My kids don't even come outside, 'cause they're scared.
Newscaster 1: And now, neighborhood nuisance, or carrying crime-fighter?
Newscaster 2: People in Charlotte are worried that a man who believes he's helping to keep control in the community could actually be a factor in things getting out of control. From Walnut Creek tonight...
Narrator: It's the views outside people's doors and windows that has Walnut Creek neighbors doing double takes. Yes, that's a guy with a rifle strapped across his back walking down the sidewalk. (It's called a sling...)
John Schultz: This is my granddad's gun from World War II. (The bolt is CLEARLY open and the rifle's chamber and internal magazine empty, he walks with it that way to show anyone not totally ignorant of firearms that it's as harmful as a baseball bat until he takes the time to load it)
Narrator: 19 year old John Schultz also wears a bullet-proof vest (plate carrier...), carries ammo, and keeps a knife.
John Schultz: I have zip ties on as well, just in case.
Narrator: His walks vary day and night. It's mostly for picking up garbage and for exercise. But Schultz calls himself a harmless verbal nuisance because the walks also double as looking out for neighbors.
John Schultz: It's nothing to do with the gun or the body armor, it's the person.
Reporter: But there's still the gun and the body armor?
John Schultz: Yeah, it just so happens to be there. *laughs*
Narrator: Schultz says plenty of neighbors THANK him.
Adira: Problem and a concern.
Narrator: Vanessa Adira isn't one of them. The rifle scares her and scares her kids and says its bad for Walnut Creek.
Adira: He could be good... without the rifle. I think the rifle is what scares everybody. Because why do you need a rifle to pick up trash? Get a trash bag.
Narrator: Schultz says he's spotted peeping toms and potential burglars in backyards. They saw him and ran away. (DUH!)
John Schultz: I wont, you know, brandish a firearm or anything. You know I won't chase somebody around, I'll ask them to stop.
Adira: Let the policemen take care of that... not you. (Where were the police when the scum were in those backyards? Not taking care of it!)
Narrator: Adira fears Schultz could be an incident of vigilante justice just waiting to happen, or someone could target him.
Adira: He could get hurt!
John Schultz: She's not really wanting to talk to me...
Narrator: Schultz says if she did, Adira would feel different.
John Schultz: You know I'll wave, and smile...
Narrator: He's from a military family, hates garbage, loves his neighborhood, and isn't looking for a fight. Adira wishes the rifle strapped walks would stop, but the answer is no.
Newscaster 2: Police say Schultz isn't breaking any laws because he's not pointing the gun at anyone, or threatening anyone with it."

"Arms keep peace."-Roman proverb

Since I first saw this I made the conscious decision to be like this guy because he inspired me so deeply. I think he's the perfect citizen, and that if people would be like him (instead of trying to take weapons away from free citizens who've done nothing wrong...) the world would be a MUCH safer place.

That's right, it's America, and you can't stop innocent free citizens from keeping and bearing arms just because you have an irrational emotional freak out! Someone who wants to hurt you doesn't act ANYTHING like Schultz; and if she knew the first things about weapons, violence, and evil then she'd know that to.
Fay King
The rifle does NOT scare Adira and her kids. Adira and her kids are scared of the rifle. THEY have a negative emotional reaction, they do NOT have bad feelings forced on them by an object. It's THEIR shit to handle. Grow up and deal with it!
Kaiser C
"Cops be killing black people. "

"Let the cops deal with it!"

Good Lord, one or the other.
Fay King
This kid is my hero! If the world was full of people like him, evil wouldn't stand a chance.
Dirk Pitt
If some one attacks Adira, he should stand back and let the crime happen to her. Smile and wave.
Mo B
Its a little strange but he means well. However I fear for his safety more than anything. He doesn't strike me as somebody particularly able to hold his own in a fight or a gunfight if a real badass decides to squash him just because he can.
Randolph Herlick
the boy is a hero and is less likely to actually vigilante than someone who doesn't patrol an area. good on him!
Lil Soldier boy
I bet if it was a black man everyone would be scared and call the police
random person in the comments
I support him fully but wouldn't a semi automatic sidearm be both more effective AND would be easy to conceal so no pussy ass neighbors would complain?
Hes walking around with an unloaded bolt action rifle... with the bolt open, picking up trash and shes losing it. Chill lady.
From the looks of her, she's the one dropping those fast food bags out the window before she gets home. "All I eat are salads at home, I cant understand why I keep gaining weight??"
dude. you live in a middle class suburban neighborhood. i dont think you need a gun to be picking up trash.
Hahahahahaha. Fucking stupid americans amuse me. Everyday they kill themselves with the guns they are allowed to have. Awesome. Clearly americans do not have the mental stability and smartness to handle guns.
Concealed carry man...concealed.
he's look like a cool person on think hr will do that
Shea Daniels
Unintelligent uneducated people speaking about subjects that they have no grounds to speak on.
Joe Hinojosa
The boy is SHORT a couple of ROUNDS.
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