Cameron Boyce Remembered by Co-Stars How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed 2 days ago   01:40

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Fans of Cameron Boyce are devastated after hearing the 20-year-old star has died. Boyce shot to fame on the Disney Channel, with prominent roles in "Jessie" and "Descendants." Social media has been flooded with tributes to Boyce from the performers who acted alongside him in shows and movies. Adam Sandler, who played Boyce's dad in "Grown Ups," wrote, "Too young. Too sweet. Too funny."'s Stephanie Officer has the details.

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Rylie Felski
Fly high baby angel, you will be missed and never forgotten. You left us way too soon and its hard believe it true that you really passed. You were my childhood and now its gone. Everyone smiled when they saw you. We loved your charity work and and everything about you!
Charming nowhere to hide
UP NEXT: Cameron Boyce Eats a Sandwich
Andy Sales
The moment when you ACTUALLY want to get clickbaited 😭😭😭
Zahid Hasan
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[GD]S h a d o w
That was unexpected
Sub Tomeh123
Gabriel Martinez
It always seems like the best people in life go the soonest.
e m b e r
He died so young!!!
Swim God
I feel so bad! He’s my age and has been in many great shows.
RIP cameron 😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪
Chelsea Corr
The world used a pen
Cameron used a highlight
Disney wrote the lines
Cameron made them brighter
Demi Stephens
From demistephens
Demi Stephens
Demi Stephens
You in dove Cameron were the best
Demi Stephens
I miss luke sorry to for yo lost
You know I can’t believe this is on the trending. Even though i hate him, lets pray for him
Szymanski terf Family
Leopard Bra Brado
Omg!! U look amazing!!!?
Amelia Urie
And don’t forget he was in a music video with Brendon Urie
Cringacorn Plays
Like if crying rn 😢
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How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed Cameron Boyce Remembered by Co-Stars 2 days ago   07:41

At NYC's John F. Kennedy Airport, 1,000 bags an hour are checked for narcotics and illicit food. Customs and Border Patrol officials are tasked with stopping these goods from entering the United States.

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How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport