Angry China to hit US tourism for billions China's ambassador to Canada leaving 2 days ago   08:27

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After State Sec. Mike Pompeo “smeared” China by using the Tiananmen Square incident of decades ago to paint China as neither open nor tolerant, China’s foreign ministry responded by issuing two travel warnings for Chinese residents considering the US as a travel destination, citing “murders, robberies and thefts” in the US. A drop in Chinese tourism could cost the US billions of dollars. Rick Sanchez explains. Then RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins with the details of China’s latest “bargaining chip” in its ongoing economic rivalry with the US.

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John Webb
No massacre? You just stepped in it!
Anthony Mosher
So China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba = Good and USA = bad. Got it RT! Thanks for the woke news
Ajay Kahlon
Is this channel american or more like chinese

They never loose opportunity to criticise USA
abraham mani
If any of you think china has the power to resist America economically you are a fool ,that is why today they are dropping all tariff against all U.S product and that is a show licking exercise of china the last resort but that gimmick is not enough we , America want a sweeping technology accord with china if china I'd not ready for that china is doomed and you can sence the blood in atmosphere, tommorow is Americas chinas dream is worthless ,technology is very well kept in the hands of America, thanks dear mainland Chinese , I love your slave labour ,we all love them good slaves ,thanks a lot
Beautiful Luv
We don't need to go to China either and sori but the dollar is worth more over there so who really gets hurt if Americans stop traveling. Please understand we travel all over and you have laws for over staying that would cause major consequences in America so think real hard other countries we can stop spending money in your country to don't try to scare the people of America it is a insult to me and my country to think we are more dangerous than under Obama
Sambo Mambo JamboTango
USA is finished. :(
This video just goes to show how shitty the reporting is on RT. You compare Tienanmen Square to Ferguson? Idiots....
William Chew
What happened in tienaman square, it happened in China, it's China domestic affairs.
Dio Brando
Fuck China shithole country
E Walker
If the Tiananmen Square massacre was a lie how do we know if reports of "other things happening during that era" in China at that time weren't also lies?
Buck Fisher
Anyone stupid enough to go to China, better be ready for hard labour until someone, with your blood type, orders an organ transplant. Companies are so evil, they add poison to baby formula, to create a false protein reading, to make more money. Everyone knows, if it is "Made In China", it is crap and not worth having, no matter how cheap. They can stay in China, we don't want their evil here. They would love to poison you all with poorly made 5G wireless technology. It is already deadly, what do you think the half-assed Chinese version will be like?
vanessa hassett
We will not win any war with to superpowers fighting the USA maybe three of them fighting us at one time
Terry Buggage
U want China to give freedom like U think . Black people don't have freedom in America & trying to knock China ? There will be many more billions U S businesses will lose from China .
Peter Siu
The US robbed the banks and the treasuries there when they invaded Iraq, and took all, including gold, back to the US. Oh, they robbed the museums there too, taking all the valuable artifacts and antiques with them back to the US. The war has kept going on since the US invaded the country. The people of Iraq were left with nothing by the US but empty democracy.

The people of Iraq paid all these for a fake heaven promised by the US. And it is too late to regret when you have invited a thief to your house. “If you are living in heaven, invite people to your heaven; if you are living in hell, warn people to stay out of your hell!" Are the people of Iraq actually living in heaven?
Wait no more lines at Disney land? Great!
Islam Zindabad
u.s is bloody corrupt nation and ring leader of all the terrorist in the world
Aka U ToTo7
This man has yeast and poo for Breakfast.
Jinny Roach
Crazy Game, sick to death of it !
john bolton
are you able to publish the name of the Spanish Television Crew and put a link of their video?
Pompeo sure as fuck described the United Terrorist States of America and its empire building schemes the last few decades.
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China's ambassador to Canada leaving Angry China to hit US tourism for billions 2 days ago   18:48

China's ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye, who has been a combative presence throughout a serious and ongoing dispute between the two countries, is expected to depart soon for a new posting.
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