Baby monkey morning coffee Baby monkey hates new park! 2 days ago   13:55

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Little Curtis the cute baby monkey wakes up and enjoys some Coffee bean snacks with his dad Dj4jay. He had an all natural fruit bar which completely organic and very healthy. We also took the little monkey boy to an exotic pet store to find some treats. I'm so fortunate to be able to witness these amazing animal moments every day! Not to mention funny monkeys are the absolute best to be around.

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Alicia Allen
Justin Lee
Double fisting! 👊👊
imami ali44
Pure love ❤️
Julia Morher
Nice peapole
Spiderman fan 138. 2
Denise Jones
Jay u take so care of this animal ,I'm so happy to watch someone like yourself that really loves animals like I do but for everyone ....God be with you and little curtis ......
Caitlin Lammertin
Curtis is sooooo adorable!! 😊
Fitri Dumai
Baby monkey!!
Jane Jane
The camera man is so lucky to be there he gets to see the monkey actually close by
I'm on stream and ur mum gay
Why does my peepee itch
Jacky Lyn
You are so handsome 😍
Kristen M
why did you delete your body positive videos??
Gamercop 1
6:21 in the back round marshmallow Happier
Voilet Diamond
Voilet Diamond
akada renaud
I got idea why not put his treat around the house so he and find them as a game with u or his uncle
It would be cute to get a little outdoor play set for him with a swing, slide and monkey bars 😁
India Rideaux
Can you buy me a iPhone my name is mariah
metalurgica omega
yo you look like
Hello Nil
I am in love with little Curtis :))
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Baby monkey hates new park! Baby monkey morning coffee 2 days ago   09:05

Cute newborn baby monkey visits a brand new park for the first time! He also makes a new puppy friend and tries some delicious new baby food!

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