You'll Never Guess This No One Wants This Homeless Dog So I Put Him On Billboards! 1 day ago   19:42

Rocky Kanaka
This all stared when I started doing my Buying My Dog Anything He touches video. When I saw this I knew I could help rescue dogs like Freddie Mercury the dog. Showing dogs love is my goal that's why in my recent video BUYING A HOMELESS DOG AN ENTIRE PET STORE I built an entire pet store for shelter animals to shop at. And in my last video Letting A Homeless Pit bull Pick His First Meal! myself and Pitbull lovers everywhere celebrated Zeus finding his new forever family. He was adopted! In this video I make Freddie Mercury and Bosco homemade dog ice cream and we reveal Freddie Mercury's dog DNA kit test results. I also talk to everyone about how we are going to work harder to get Bosco adopted. It hasn't happened as fast as I would like but sometimes pet adoption takes time. Some people want to adopt a puppy right away but sometimes working in dog rescue you see dog adoption taking time. One day I hope it can happen faster. Who knows maybe one day we can do a 24 hour challenge and get dogs adopted in 24 hours or less!
A special thanks to Marley's Mutts for all that they do in helping dogs like Bosco.
Oh and there is also dog ASMR in this vid. You are welcome!

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Freddie is chihuahua
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Omg I love dogs
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Hey Freddy hey Angela
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What happend to to Freddy’s front leg
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Dispirit Savage eighteenine
Freddie and bosco are the best pets ever and cool too
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the DRAGON35754
Hi bud
Jalia Stinnie
What is wrong with freedie mercuy
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One like one heart for Freddie and on other chance for Freddie to walk right
Griffen Mohr
I love Freddie and Bosco
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Hi Freddy
Danie Oelofse
I would love to adopt Basco but i live in SA
mini cookie
hi you are such a cute dog no mater what they say about.
Emma Parkes
Your punpkin patch
Liv Buxton
So cute
Sarah Garcia
does freddie have tictoc cuz i see a dog that looks like her
Toy toy toy toy toy Ye
follow Freddy Mercury Tik Tok account
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Freddie Mercury is so cute
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No One Wants This Homeless Dog So I Put Him On Billboards! You'll Never Guess This 1 day ago   14:34

Bosco is a homeless dog that needs your help to find a forever home!
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Can you believe we were able to pull all of this off?! The Adopt Bosco campaign is in full motion. Ever since he joined Freddie Mercury the Dog for her Dog's Day Out I have been on a mission to get Bosco adopted. But because Bosco is a senior dog no one has adopted him yet. In my video You'll Never Guess This Dogs Breed I let you know I was accepting the challenge of the Adopt Bosco campaign and even mentioned it in my last video Pretending To Faint In Front Of My Dog. Amazing Reaction by Flip. In this video I put up billboards that say Adopt Bosco, I get my wife Kelly to dance in a dog costume with me, do a meet up with Freddie Mercury the dog, print off tshirts, and even take Bosco on national television on the Hallmark Channel's Home & Family. I hope you enjoy this video with Bosco the Cane Corso , Boxer mix dog. Now let's get him adopted. Other youtubers like MrBeast have put up Billboards before ( Mr Beast I Bought Every Billboard In My City For This )

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If you like videos from Nicole Skyes Jenna Marbles Hope For Paws The Dodo then you will love this channel. pg family friendly content. We even feature food in this video that Bosco thinks is pretty tasty
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