You'll Never Guess This I Tried to Bathe All My Pets 1 day ago   19:42

Rocky Kanaka
This all stared when I started doing my Buying My Dog Anything He touches video. When I saw this I knew I could help rescue dogs like Freddie Mercury the dog. Showing dogs love is my goal that's why in my recent video BUYING A HOMELESS DOG AN ENTIRE PET STORE I built an entire pet store for shelter animals to shop at. And in my last video Letting A Homeless Pit bull Pick His First Meal! myself and Pitbull lovers everywhere celebrated Zeus finding his new forever family. He was adopted! In this video I make Freddie Mercury and Bosco homemade dog ice cream and we reveal Freddie Mercury's dog DNA kit test results. I also talk to everyone about how we are going to work harder to get Bosco adopted. It hasn't happened as fast as I would like but sometimes pet adoption takes time. Some people want to adopt a puppy right away but sometimes working in dog rescue you see dog adoption taking time. One day I hope it can happen faster. Who knows maybe one day we can do a 24 hour challenge and get dogs adopted in 24 hours or less!
A special thanks to Marley's Mutts for all that they do in helping dogs like Bosco.
Oh and there is also dog ASMR in this vid. You are welcome!

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Star is Trash ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Freddie’s little waddle is so precious.
Seaton Mc
Sooo cute ❤️❤️❤️
Amanda Larue
Hi freidie murck wait your a fame singer
Benny *O_O*
Why they name her after Freddie Mercury
HeckHeck ers
If you think Bosco is big you don't live with Great Danes.
I want Pasco so bad I can’t get him
Jokester man
I feel happy for the dog it has evertthing it wants it also has loving family I just love to see him
Small dogs are pretty loud im suprised this dog didnt somehow be annoying
victor hugo sanchez cordova
Previous video:
* looks at Freddie *
Rocky: guess her breed!
me: hmmm.. she looks familiar
* looks at my 14 chihuahuas at home *
This video:
Rocky: you'll never guess what this little dog is
[40% chihuhahua]
Me: yup.
Ava Flave
I wish I could adopt Bosco but my house wouldn't be the best I could give him I'm so sad♥️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭♥️
It's probably a Chihuahua or Chinese crested or mix of both🤷🏾‍♀️
Great Hearts
Hi freddy
Dr hanskywalker16
Hi fredy
Jacob Mischler
Hows brian😂freddie
Zee Gacha
The little dog is so cute 😩💙😭
Gabby Reacts
Hi freddy😄
Maury Povich to every known dog breed: "You are NOT the father"!
Freddie is absolutely perfect in all the ways that matter! Who wants to cuddle Freddie?!! I'm a Chihuahua mom, and my instinct was telling me Freddie had some Chi in her.
Crystalwolf _88
Wild guess... haven't watched. Its a chihuahua?
Dr.squish lover
Before I watch this video ima guess Gray Chuwawa.
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I Tried to Bathe All My Pets You'll Never Guess This 1 day ago   16:52

Cleaning all my animals....? I guess this went okay....?

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