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After over 80 years in business and the worlds largest electronic store retailer, today I explore how this billion dollar company which revolutionized the electronic store market, eventually came tumbling down into its eventual bankruptcy in the same vein as Circuit City. Let's take a look at the history of RadioShack.

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Dallas Urban
RIP SHACK - We'll hold you in our memories.
Whats the intro song called?
Hunter Carper
Similar to Blockbuster you should do a video on Movie Gallery
Evan Culin
Can you do payless soon
In 1972, it was a place where electronics nerds went to find every part under the sun. Tubes, resistors, capacitors, batteries, DIN jacks, you name it (including some really wild semiconductors!) Parts nerds live on-line now, but it was once a cooool place! I miss those backward analog days. Nerds were really rare and special then, not like now.
Bin Dardundat
Radio Shack . I remember the battery club in the 70s . Show your card, get a free battery- once a month
i totally REFUSE to shop at Best buy they are way to over priced. i get most of the elecronics off Amazon.
Had one of the tandy computers. Actually good for the time.
I saw one that was still open in Kentucky back in August 2017.
Welcome to Radio Shack...ack...ack...ack.....ack...
I remember this store as a kid in the 80s and their electronic toys sucked. They would break easily and had no power. Poor knockoffs of regular name brand toys in toys r us.
The White Glove Society
I have footage of my towns failing k Mart if you want to do a video on them the closed the day I am typing this and the footage is sad because they are selling the shelving and such so if you need some footage for a video
Kal Kat
The Shack ironically killed Radio Shack around here in Cali, (USA) as the store in the big mall and the store in the smaller one went under one after the other around 2008. Turing to phones was probably a bad idea. But there was still a Shack store until 2011 in that smaller mall. It only had phones eventually and cheap RC cars.
Marion McGuire
Can you do an abandoned episode on Whalom Park in Lunenburg Mass, it’s a very small town that is only known for that amusement park when it existed but it has been gone for years
This just makes me sad. I've been with Radio Shack since I was little, and seeing them all close is just depressing.
CoasterWars Man
Can you do a video on the cancelled Africa pavilion at Epcot
Debra Cox
Jake come to BAKERSFIELD California and check out our abandoned mall. I would love to hear your history on it!
Tony V
If your still looking for places to do stories on, the old Charles Campsle hospital in Edmonton Canada would be a good one. It's still standing and recently has been under renovation converting into a retirement complex but it seems to have stalled as nothing is happening to the property from what I can see.
Tony V
I do miss the Radio shack stores in Canada. Remember the free battery program? Every month you got one free battery. I used to get most of my LEDs and resistors from them and even bought several handheld electronic games in the 80s from them. Their gold batteries were rated very highly as well and for some time were said to be almost as good as energizer batteries for half the cost.
Was hoping you'd cover how the franchise stores fit into everything.  My cousin ran a franchise out of his appliance/electronics store in the late 70s eventually opening a second location that was 100% Radio Shack across town a few years later.
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Abandoned - Pontiac Silverdome Abandoned - RadioShack 1 day ago   11:42

Just outside of Detroit, in Pontiac Michigan, sits one of the most famous and iconic abandoned structures in the country. At one time the largest NFL stadium and host to SuperBowl 16. This is the Pontiac Silverdome.

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