2018 NASCAR CHAMP: President Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin 1 day ago   15:20

FOX 10 Phoenix
President Donald Trump welcomes Joey Logano, the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series Champion to the White House.

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Shannon Nealy
Roger Penske truly is a great person in our world! They don't make'em like him anymore!
Oreo Man
1st things 1st... Wtf Logano?!
2nd... Harvick or Busch would’ve won the title with an actual format
3rd... running out of things to say but I’ll think of something
Baruch Adonai
God save usa
Great President and great champion.
Arthur Passeri
Great Job...NASCAR is very American...
Idahoan Mapping
Lol Joey laughing every other line lol hahaha
Despite Nascar's 2018 being its lowest. It is great too see that the sport still gets recognition. And with how great 2019 has been for Nascar so far. Im hopeful
nobody _________
Ww3w ot nepped
d d
Its a win win. Trump gets a free fishin' hole filled with brain dead Nascar fans. Yeeee Haaaaarr!!
Lets cast fur some a them redneck votes and Penske gets a truckload of free advertising for his business. Sumbitch of a deal son.......wooo hoooo
Mario Gutierrez
Trump, the stuped baby on stuped nation
Guaidó to president of EEUU n Israel
Steven Sandefur
God bless the Best President we ever had since Reagan🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
Edgar Alfredo Mora
What a man Joe Logano. Great Champion, his words say what a kind he is. Great Trump honored Logano as he deserved it.
Johnson Young
Thank you for president trump 🇺🇸 make America great again ,Many thanks from one of you previous proud employee!!
Tree Jumper
Run run run run for your lives! It's the measles! 😂
Wait a moment?🤔 You can't get immunity from vaccines.
Wait a moment?🤔 I can't get the measles. Odd?
I've had the measles. It's called herd immunity.
I've had the chicken pocks. It's called herd immunity.
I've had the mumps. It's called herd immunity.
I've had the flu.. About 19 years ago. Odd 😎
You can't get herd immunity from vaccines..👍
Run from the LYING Media and their hypnotized zombies.
Their running all over the place at FOX10 NEWS PROPAGANDA.
Armando Cobos
Trump. For life
Big Macs for all, from Deranged Donald.
Susan Strange
There are still good people, who really care about we the people. This video was a pleasure to watch. God Bless America.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💕
Ricky Raven
Real athletes and championship teams want NOTHING to do with Trump. The head of NASCAR was arrested for cocaine possession 😈
Twyla Hoffman
NASCAR most patriotic sport🇺🇸
Chris T
That's my president God I love him this was awesome
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Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin 2018 NASCAR CHAMP: President 1 day ago   01:09

Denny Hamlin bumps Joey Logano ending good run for the #22. Denny Hamlin didn't mince words with the former teammate sending a clear cut message as he nudged the rear corner panel of Joey's car.

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