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Former San Diego Mayor Maureen O'Connor's $1 billion gambling addiction was blamed on a tumor, but what are the medical facts behind problem gambling? David Peters, a family therapist in San Diego, explains.

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Undisputed Blackjack
Being a Democratic is a huge addiction as all they care about is power and lies to the American people!
Kathleen Rothery
Very good lmfo thanx but no recovery talk .its a horrible addicction very complex ...and its getting worse with online sites..massive problem but accepted more than drugs booze in society...but just as devasting when out of control....thanx
gambling is life
Ding Dong
These are my motivation why myself gambling
1. wanna make more money quick /short cut
2. Boredom and want to get excitement.
3. Nothing to do plenty of time to kill
4. Competitiveness mentality measured by what money can do
Thinking that the more money you have you will be more happy
I Broke The Curse and I teach You That If You Use a few simple tools like Desire, Postive Self Talk and, Journaling, creating videos You too WILL BREAK that SCAMBLING Habit. Bad Habits are Meant to Be Broken! and I am a Perfect example, coming from Total Darknes, Trauma, fears, Insecurities, and Horrible Sins. Today I am Living My Dream and showing Others its Possible! Call Me Crazy or Call FREE! Your friend Santos, Philosopher of Victorious Living! You can subscribe to email and receive your free confidence Builder here
Addiction starts with pain and ends in pain
Frank Albarran
what do you think about before you Gamble?
Hannibal Johnson
most are addicted to, drugs, smoking, sugar, fast food, coffee, money, attention, sodium...we all have addictive personalities in a sense. Gambling is just highlighted due to the financial ruin that can come about. However each of the aforementioned addictions have devastating consequences financially Spiritually and physically if you analyze with the same microscope
Kingsley Heralds
thanks brooo
Ro se
My fiancé gambled away 10,000$ that was for buying a house. He refuses to blame himself
Andrea Salvia
gambling is all over the world
Billy Buttlord
it's not 'malarky'. all human behavior is in some way linked to neurotransmitters.
he seemed to know his stuff. never heard that malarky about the neuro transmitters but can relate to that feeling some days. as well as a run i find sugary snacks can help ur resolve and will power aswell.
Gamble Box
A GambleBox cash drop pocket safe can help - when gamblers use it - they see that sticking some of their winnings in it and leaving the casino is the best way to hold onto money instead of giving into the addictive games and losing it all back - it is like a training coach in their pocket teaching that it pays off to walk out of the casino .
Good information
Interesting video. Thank you.
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Overcoming Addiction - The Root Cause Medical Facts Behind Gambling 2 days ago   37:59

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