When Humans Were Prey The Earth 10,000 Years Ago | 10,000 5 months ago   09:52

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Not too long ago, our early human ancestors were under constant threat of attack from predators. And it turns out that this difficult chapter in our history may be responsible for the adaptations that allowed us to become so successful.

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Universoul Man
What if all this destruction of the environment and extinction of species is Payback
David Griffiths
Vultures would have been the main avian consumer of human remains. Eagles have a size limit much less than a 60 kg ape, only now extinct marine gliders got anywhere near our weight. Standing upright has advantages for spotting and confronting an attacker no doubt. If we consider predation in the Savanah was the main driving force we only need look at what makes us different...upright, cooperative, able to imagine and think ahead, advanced communication, opposable thumb for advanced tool use and an anomalously long life span suggesting selection for accumulated knowledge and experience.
Last Nyanmurai
This is why we made fried chicken
like the Hasst Eagle in New Zealand??
Bad Dragonite
PBS EONS: Humans could've been prey at some point.
(*meanwhile thousands die to crocs and tigers regularly every year in the modern day*)
Lord Frieza
Well our ancestors didnt met dinosaurs but they met the creatures that some of them evolved into the BIRDS! TAN TAN TAAAAN!
“Not so long ago”
Would it sound right if I said, “Not so long ago, George Washington was elected president” 😂
Now they’re prey. Revenge is a fools game.
Anthony Arcano
Human Evolution its such a load of crap, its a theory soo full of holes.... truth be told nobody knows for real were we come from. humans are the biggest mystery ever.
LOL Science
*were* prey? My cat would disagree!
F Kua
Tell that to the crocodile that ate 300+ humans in Burundi.
Dan Montana
And now likes cancer, we cannot maintain a steady population. Top predators usually breed less frequently, but not us. We refuse to die and have 4 kids on average....
Ryan Pearson
These poor bastards. Imagine one of your kids being eaten right in front of you. But there is no time for tears. You need to find food so your other kid doesn't starve.

Here I sit with a fridge full of food, ac, plumbing, and I can dial a number and an ambulance will have me in a building with every medical technology available.

As much as life can suck. I am glad to be alive in this time.
gridley 530
I don't know where u guys stay at but I stay in AMERICAA we have guns
my favorite theory
What is the goal confusing people..
🤣🤣🤣🤣So, we could say king Kong was your ancestors. Hey!!!. We're not saying. It's coming out of your own mouth!.
Joe Conklin
“The Predator Ape Theory is cool but have you ever hear the Stoned Ape Theory?”- Joe Rogan
6 1
I am sexist, but at least I am honest about it. Sorry ladies
Anyone up for thanksgiving turkey?
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