When Humans Were Prey The Earth 10,000 Years Ago | 10,000 2 months ago   09:52

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Not too long ago, our early human ancestors were under constant threat of attack from predators. And it turns out that this difficult chapter in our history may be responsible for the adaptations that allowed us to become so successful.

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Carlos Coreno
Bro we werent monkeys🙄 if we were we wouldnt naturally have a fear toward animals. Were humans a whole different species
Indrid Cold
Humans are still prey when they enter into the ocean. When a human enters the ocean, they are on the menu.
MZA Method Man
Jose Garcia
My hold life is a theory.🤐😖😭
Siranat usawasutsakorn
Now, it's time for revenge!
-Some meme nerd.
Mitchell Neuhoff
We still are prey in some ways it’s humbling knowing we’re not completely on top.
Phillip Washington
Gotta watch this...
How bold of you to assume a flying being could top me in the food chain
Asiano Casino
Christians believe in evolution right?
Alex G
Eats chicken nuggets... How the tables of turned...😝
I believe this video. Why? Because of crazy chickens from my childhood. We had chickens taller then 2feet. Most neighborhood dogs were scared of them chickens.
Dan Rooney
Most humans are still prey.
Vishnujana Dasa
Humans are naturally anatomically post. Eaters.

Horses and humans and other “sweaters” are all herbivores. Humans like herbivores and frugivores (which we more closely resemble) have alkaline saliva (ptyalin) whereas omnivores/carnivores have no carb-digesting enzymes. Similarly humans have smooth tongues like plant eaters and additionally we use the tongue to shovel food in like frugivores. Omnivores/carnivores have rough tongues-especially meat eaters for tearing flesh). We have simple livers and large salivary glands like plant eaters as opposed to the complex (extremely complex for carnivores) livers and small glands. Brian chemistry is different and many other things. Again our molars, incisors, and “canines” are different from meat eaters and we have well-developed facial@muscles for chewing whereas omni/carnivores have reduced muscles for wipe mouth gapes as they generally chomp* up and down and swallow their food in large chunks (*meat eaters jaws as mentioned chimp up and down generally and can’t move sideways). The jaws of plant eaters are the same but different from meager eaters both Omni and carnivores, which are similar to each other. Omnivores are generally carnivores who eat some plants. There are many other points too. Human instinct is to feel compassion for hurt animals (because we have advanced understanding such as empathy that interestingly enough animals also share often). We don’t salivate at dead corpses. But we do for grapes and oranges etc. Fruits and leafy greens are our ideal food. The health benefit even have been known for millennia.

The Bug Lord
They're not birds! They're dragons!
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
*Looks slowly at the sparrow standing on the tree next to my window*
Ralph Gonzalez
Yo, who else grew up with PBS as a kid?
gokul balagopal
At that time there were carnivorous animals stronger than as, so we surely you would have been preyed upon
Valini S
So birds ate us in the beginning?🤔 now we eat birds ... hmmm time to enjoy that bucket of wings
Small Jeff
When birbs were huge and ate your children
Rafael Alvarez
Scavengers once the lightning started a fire tye scavemgers got down from trees with fire they can travel at night and cook the meat and got smarter by breaking protein down fire which speed up evolution brains got smarter with hunting started language
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