My Friends Pierce My Ear! garrett watts and andrew siwicki 2 weeks ago   21:18

Garrett Watts
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My made my friends give me a DIY cosmetic makeover...or my ear at least. It did not go great. I am so excited for you to see this failure of a an ear makeover. I am not meant to wear earrings. It is simply not meant to be. ENJOY!

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what are those first videos on this channel wtf and why are they on this channel

also garretts smile is the most adorable thing in the whole wide world.
lav rachea
i have a tattoo of ants on my leg so that i could tell people i have ants in my pants.
best decision of my life.
Emely Elizabeth Romero
SPIRITED AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍
The Samzone
why do I see him as the drunk Ross from friends. 😂 Garett is so energetic during the intro
Human Cig
Real talk though, piercing guns are super unsafe and dangerous):
Riley Wilson
I’m 16 and I have 5 piercings. Both of my lobes, my helix on my right ear, and my snug on my left. I also have my nose pierced. I’d love to get my belly and lip done
kill me
_i m_
_a l r e a d y_
*_T R A C E R_*
Ada E
The only tattoo I have is a stick & poke my friend gave me. It's itty bitty right below my ankle but it makes me smile whenever I see it. It looks like :): happy or sad!!!!
I hope to get some actual tattoos once I get that money money!!
Leila Mercury
He actually looks so cute with them
Memphis Canicula
This is why you don’t use a piercing gun. You can get infections, you can’t measure it. And to make it worse Ryland did not wear gloves.
Terry Knowlson
Personally I love the idea of body mods it show people’s own since of style and myself have 3 lobe piercings and a scaffolding piercing
Myah Baeza
I had gotten my ears pierced when I was a baby (while sleeping) so I kinda didn't have much of a choice😂
I have two holes in each ear, my nose, and two tattoos. My first tattoo is a moon with a floral design and my second is the tree of life with heavy Norse/Celtic influence (i even have runes)
Star Meyer
As someone w a bunch of piercings all of this is nooooo
I love body mods!!! I have 3 piercings in each ear but plan on many more and also a bunch of tattoos. One of them being Harry Potter themed.
Morgan Butler
I actually pierced my nose whenever I was 21. I let my cousin do it and he did it with a lip gauge. I had no idea there were different gauges for nose piercings. So, I of course tried to let my nose hole heal and then use an actual proper nose stud instead of a lip stud for my nose piercing... to this day my nose piercing looks like this huge pore in the side of my nose. I completely agree with Garrett’s recommendation, GO TO YOUR LOCAL PIERCING SHOP!
i recently had my belly button pierced & it really hurt lmao but looks so cute 💖✨
I have agoraphobia. I spent 2 years barely leaving my house (at the worst I think I went 3 months). It's not offensive to say you are feeling agoraphobic or might have it. It is likely true that you do have that phobia, and if not the word applies to the general experience not just the diagnosis. All phobias have degrees of intensity, and they can also change within each person. My phobia is pretty well maintained. I even nap in my car sometimes during intense school times (I am in grad school). Exposure therapy helped me a lot. I still struggle with new places or going grocery shopping on a stressful day, but I try to push myself to keep putting myself out there. I find it helps to push myself a little bit to maintain, but pushing too much can make me stress out so much when I wake up the next day it's worse (little steps!). I can also relapse and I have where I didn't leave my home for almost a week. That normally happens when things in life are causing a lot of distress, lack of sleep or just plain being too busy for proper self care. The good thing is that some time working on that phobia again means it gets attended to and goes back down again. :) I also have CPTSD, Depression and Anxiety, so my way might be different than others. But that is ok, we are all individuals. ^.^ And these are all things we can work on improving a little bit at a time. :D
Destiny Garcia
Finally figured out that Garrett looks like a brownish/blond Harry Potter.
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garrett watts and andrew siwicki My Friends Pierce My Ear! 2 weeks ago   13:01

name a more iconic duo oh wait you cant

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