My Friends Pierce My Ear! garrett watts and andrew siwicki 6 months ago   21:18

Garrett Watts
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My made my friends give me a DIY cosmetic makeover...or my ear at least. It did not go great. I am so excited for you to see this failure of a an ear makeover. I am not meant to wear earrings. It is simply not meant to be. ENJOY!

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Rorowlaku Rorokuro
this video is so gay
ebola unicorns
He doesn’t even upload he’s the worst YouTube of all time and then tries to validate his laziness with he’s depressed, all these youtubers with all this YouTube money and they are depressed????? Cry me a fucking river , you have a loyal fan base and your not even trying to upload for us smh
ebola unicorns
Cancel this channel
ebola unicorns
Cancel lazy garret
ebola unicorns
Guys unsub to Garrett he clearly doesn’t give a fuck about us so why do we care about him, there is no reason not to post for 5 months it’s beyond lazy, #unsubgarrettwatts
Bella’s Roblox
am i the only one who’s is like sneezing to shane’s robe because it’s covered in dog hair? just me? and i- oop 😂😭🗿
Biggest KoreanTrashcan in history
I got my ear pierced And it closed and got infected
Juliane Xavier Roberto
Garret pls upload, or gives us a heads up that you’re alive 💜💜💜💜🙏🏻💜🙏🏻
Abbey Felix
Where you at man? I look forward to seeing your upcoming videos, truly miss your quirky awesomeness.
X._.xmariah Hope
Why don't u ever post :( it's been 5 months I miss youuuuu!!!
nathan kalwei
Do we need to resurrect Garrett?
June Chim Chim
Ava animations
*pokes with stick*

Do something please
Afomia Ayele
Congrats on 3 million! Please come back
Vadamae Haggard
Ok so if you wait the certain amount of time you can take the earings out and the hole will just close up and youll look normal again.👍
Noah Carroll
no one:

shane: we should burn ciggaretes on you
Al Taylor
Why are we surprised he doesn’t upload tho
Garrett, i just binged watch all your vids bcos i miss u )--: i hope you are doing well, sweetie. know that there are many ppl anticipating for u, sunshine. 😞
Suess Partridge
I love the chaotic energy of this video
Diana Aranda
*People congratulating him for 3m subs it's the same as congratulating your ex after breaking up or saying happy bday to someone who has already died* 💔😏
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garrett watts and andrew siwicki My Friends Pierce My Ear! 6 months ago   13:01

name a more iconic duo oh wait you cant

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none of these clips are mine k bye