“LA GOTERA” DAM REMOVAL BERNESGA Winnicut River Dam Removal Time-Lapse 1 day ago   22:03

Confederación Hidrográfica Del Duero
In 2011 September, Duero Basin Authority develops La Gotera Dam Removal Project, up to a dam allocated in Bernesga River (León, Spain). This intervention is part of the Spanish National Strategy of River Restoration, whose objective is recovering channel continuity in a significant reach of this emblematic river flowing through the Alto Bernesga Biosphere Reserve of the Man and Biosphere Programme.
Documentary covers previous operations on the area affected, subsequent removal works and channel evolution through the ensuing months, when the river mobilized a 90 years amount of accumulated sediment.
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Winnicut River Dam Removal Time-Lapse “LA GOTERA” DAM REMOVAL BERNESGA 1 day ago   01:41

EarthCam created this time-lapse of the Winnicut River Dam Removal and Fish passage project in Winnicut, New Hampshire.