Shiba Inu puppy totally loses Petite Séquence rééducation Agressivité 2 days ago   01:26

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Yuki the Shiba Inu reacts in the most adorable way when his loving owner comes home.

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Rumble Viral
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SherriD08091962 Collins
What a beautiful, happy baby! That "Special, Unconditional Love" Is Priceless!
louis Roensch
this is nothing my dog runs circles around me when I come home
Blue Steel
That's one quiet dog.
Dinah Patrick Walker
It's sad that animals have to be left alone all day.
King Hip-O
When you come home from a stressful day at work then immediately get hypnotized by your dogs wagging tail and suddenly everything is all right.
Trent Payne
It’s trying to lead you to it’s food bowl.
JC Brown
Dog was afraid to approach. What’s happens to it? Hmmm
Truth Spoken
Adorable 😊
Bless their little heart 🐶 💖 xxxx
Felix Valmoria
Just so happy that his master arrived..unexplained wiggling of tail
Kyle R
I love how he slams his foot down like "Helen, WHERE have you BEEN?"
Sunggu Sitorus
So lovely puppy.
Steve Inczedi
👈same 💓😆
Estela MEstella Estella is crying the clothes ino
Thanksbfgoe sharing
Just a Regular Guy
Fox mcloud???
Chris Craven
Super wiggly booty and a wave for Mom. Too cute!
Patriot P A III
Great it loves its owner
Curtis Bradbury
My boy ( Labrador) who is 5 loses his shit when I come home
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Petite Séquence rééducation Agressivité Shiba Inu puppy totally loses 2 days ago   05:25