Here's Why McLaren Denied Part I Surprised My Girlfriend with a Rare 1 day ago   13:19

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Thomas Miano
DUDE!!! $41.00?
Get over it.
Aluminium oxide corrosion?
Call Rabbit: B U M P E R T O B U M P E R
Samara Ring
Rust on a british car?? That is new...
Nicolas Sanders
The Brits still think they can build the World's Finest Motorcars. Umm, no.
Viper vids gaming plus
His voice squeaked, is he going through puberty again?
Ryan Sproviero
No worries your warranty won't be voided. They'll take your money until you place a claim related to something they find in your videos. They'll deny the claim but keep taking your money saying other things are still covered. They'll continue to deny your claims until you cancel yourself.
Nicky h225
How long until you sell it/ Barry it/ or it sets its self on fire
Darren Wixon
"The English are coming!!!!" Hehehe
Darren Wixon
In England there's a couple of sayings that I think are poignant; First is, "Buy a Ford or a Vauxhall because they are easy to work on and the parts are cheap." The second saying is; "Don't buy a Mclaren."
Its shocking these cars went to market with all these serious problems inherent in them. The transmission clearly cant handle stress. Why stress it out deliberately?
0:32 Click on this time stamp several times in a row for full "BummpHherrrr!" mode.
Darren Prest
Your contractor is really messy Hoovie.
What ever happened with that PO420 code was the cats?
Mark White
I thought that the hood (bonnet) was aluminium?
tr v
My intrepid is rusting too but it's worth about $250.00...
MT account
a video that will convince any sane person to NEVER own a McLaren...
All these you tubers with there car channels are rich motha fkers please un subscribe from these piss takers
le m
1) "McLaren will void the warranty if you take this supercar on the track." So basically the whole reason this car exists voids the warranty as you can never legally or safely get it near its full performance potential on the street? Pretty cool McLoser...

2) "Since I've owned this car, it's spent 60% of the time in the shop." So let's say, for shits and giggles, you buy a new McLoser 720s at $4k a month with $50k down, that means you'll ONLY be paying $2400 a month to drive a loaner Passat. Best Passat lease deal EVER!!!!!!!! 不不不不不

3) The car is corroding. Ummmm, what? Didn't even know that could happen on a car that new, let alone a carbon fiber supercar with barely any metal or aluminum on it. Nice build quality!

4) The car has had THREE TRANSMISSIONS and over $150k in parts and labor put into it SO FAR. Just the parts and labor could've bought a new NSX, which runs circles around this car.

5) McLoser doesn't even make their own engines for their cars, a company called Ricardo does, so they're not even a real car manufacturer, but an overhyped chassis company.

6) McLoser isn't even relevant in real racing anymore and made their name with Senna running Honda engines.

7) McLoser won't even give you Apple Carplay for the $300k+ you'll drop on a 720s. What an awesome feature of their sound system to omit something that's standard in $20k cars.

8) High hp car with ANTIQUATED RWD with lots of turbo lag that can only hookup on a prepped race track like a Dodge Demon!? Think I'm lying? Go watch Drag Times spin his McLoser to 5 second 0-60's and 12's against the 918! The car is fast in a straight line, on a prepped race/track surface , EXACTLY WHERE YOU WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY! On the street, it's 拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎 (12's all day IF you don't crash first).

Suck it McLoser fanboys!!!! Your Nissan-engined chassis company piss-poor excuse for a car manufacturer is DOG SHIT! 拎

Mitchell Hogg
It's a British car...persevere..
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I Surprised My Girlfriend with a Rare Here's Why McLaren Denied Part 1 day ago   13:52

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