Mexico's Economic Growth Failure: Economists predict another US recession 8 months ago   11:57

As Mexicans get ready to vote for a new president on Sunday, they will probably punish the political class that led the country into a 30-year economic slump. CEPR's Mark Weisbrot analyzes Mexico's economic performance and the prospects for its economic future after the election

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Mexico is crony capitalist, not capitalist. Mexico has had a low first world growth rate for several decades. If Mexican GDP per capita were at least US$30K/year, it could afford to grow as slowly as the USA. In fact, its per capita GDP in 2017 was $19500.
Very surprisingly, there are 42 countries with a worse Gini coefficient than Mexico, including Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Belize, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador. Mexico and Peru are tied. In a table where Mexico is 43 worst in equality, the USA is 58th.
Lam rof
Mexico is run by corrupt organized crime businesses. It's one huge mafia country. No other way but down.
Hulk Hulk
Venezuela is a example of socialism and Mexico is a example of capitalism.
Andrea Wisner
Mexico and the world don't need "growth." Economic growth is destroying the earth. "AMLO" is just part of the establishment. And so are trn and Mark Weisbrot, apparently.

What the world needs its downsizing of our economies, regeneration of the natural world, and some redistribution of basic resources of survival to the poorest. Economic growth mainly benefits the wealthy.
Alejandro Cabrera
Neoliberalism (free market capitalism) has not worked for the people and only benefit the wealthy, Mexico needs to transition to a different economic and political ideology to empower the proletariat and have economic justice for all.
Bruce Campbell
Poverty and indenture follow in the wake of Catholicism. USA inc. went into receivership in 1932. Gold was confiscated and replaced with indentures. We have been under emergency decree since. When you pay taxes it goes to IRS inc. and there to the Federal Reserve and not the US Treasury. From there it is transferred to the Queen's family and owners of the Federal Reserve. If you go for a loan it becomes collateral for the Federal Reserve to create money out of thin air. The originating bank collects the interest and the Central Bank gets the principal. This done with aid of algorithms geometrically designed to explode indenture. The dollar or indenture speaks for itself. The all seeing eye is the same as the Papal See. The eagle is a Roman mascot. The inscriptions are in Latin with English for practical consideration such as the amount and date. We are born as hopelessly indentured servants on a Roman plantation with British overseers. Britain has never abided in Republics. The Pope and his Jesuit army committed to his own vicegerency. Welcome our gatekeepers. Even liberation theology weaponized for our demise. There are rumors afloat of a global currency reset. Backed by the world's gold reserves held by Jesuit IMF and World Bank. Likely accompanied by a Jesuit messiah rising out of Jerusalem. Could be a rough ride.
nicholas darraugh
Mark doesn't speak, he drones!
Stranded in Utah
What does measuring inequality even identify? If most of your population is earning enough to live comfortably above poverty and you have a solid middle class does it matter if you have a super rich 1%? Who cares if some people are making big money if the rest of the people are comfortable? Money is constantly being created. There is not a finite supply of it. So my having $100 doesn't mean you can't also have $100.

Isn't it much more important to look at the number of people in poverty and figure how to prepare them for the job market and help them move up the economic ladder instead of worrying about who has what?

Economists and Social Scientists have figured out the big life choices that generally result in poverty: engaging in criminal activity, dropping out of school, illiteracy, addiction and out of wedlock childbearing, especially at a young age. Rather than being jealous of Bill Gates try making yourself a more desirable in the job market.
Christobal Colombo
Violence is so bad the Pri and the Pan won't be able to steal this election
Theosphilus Thistler
If AMLO starts to roll back neoliberalism expect the process of Chavezification to begin pretty quickly from the US.
Steven Lee
Mexico has been ruled by Right-Wing Neo-liberal policies. Their economy is only for the political and business elite. The majority of Mexicans do not even work or have education. Mexico is so right-wing and neo-liberal and anti-government that it allowed the Cartels to rule its country. The cartels and the transnational gangs that operate like multinational corporations are consequences Mexico's decades and decades of modeling its economy on American fiscal conservatism and neo-liberal capitalism. Hence, why Mexico has been a failure for its people and its people continue to immigrate to a more hostile nation, the U.S
Remember when NAFTA was supposed to build up Mexico... yeah, I know 😂😂😂
Kathleen Sisco
So, the pact really was a con to allow the elites to gain more assets? The implication is the the economic goal of the world's elite is to firm up the casting of rich/poor as demonstrated by India's success in perpetuating their deeply entrenched caste system.
The continuous bemoaning of failures of economic plans means they were intended to fail. The conclusion is obvious by its absence from the media.
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