The Suspicious Case of the Reykjavik Confessions Movie Theater Employees Reveal 2 weeks ago   21:12

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Two murders. Six confessions. But is any of it real?


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vickie the dickie
y'all still wondering why i hate the police
Mat Neptune
Shane seems high in this episode but I think it's just me. ;)
I know that lady was involved in forgery or whatever but......I feel so bad for her being stuck in solitary and having a newborn at home
Alison Abell
it was all lies not enough of evidence it was was there any whitness at the time of the 2 murders jwtk
I HAVE WATCHED THIS THREE TIMES WHILE HIGH AND DIDNT COMPREHEND A THING. Its now a new week , a new high — maybe i’ll actually understand it this time.
Alex 2nd Fist
So what happened to the baby?
Tommy de Leon
Vizconde Massacre/Antipolo Massacre in the Philippines.
Okay but the Bodom lake murders in Finland... that’s something to look into
Emilianna Canada
Omg I'm half Icelandic and listening to this was hilarious lmao😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ann McNeal
This was not right on the part of the police..this was like the old witch hunts in the past...they went through crap..the police need to be locked away in solitary ,over and over...police are jerks.
Fallen Args
That young Detective was Shinichi Kudo in disguise
Amaury Lannes
Even in Iceland ACAB
Lous Sharman
this is so sad
when he said “quO0Te” i felt that😪
Alice Dayton
Icelandic last names are patronymic so it's not so weird for them to have the same last name haha. That's like them both having dads named John.
Enstar YT
voice crack alert at 10:14
your willy is rubbish
@1:00 what's wrong with that guys shoulder lmao
Amanda Sargent
Does anyone else feel that maybe murder wasn't really that uncommon, but just that the police were so shockingly terrible at their job that they didn't realize it? I mean, these disappeared people had to have gone somewhere.
NBA YoungGay
1:20 that moment when you live in reno nevada-
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Movie Theater Employees Reveal The Suspicious Case of the Reykjavik Confessions 2 weeks ago   01:03