Minecraft - SECRET VAULT CHALLENGE! NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER in Merge Plane! 6 months ago   30:06


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What would you put in your secret minecraft vault? Me personally I would have my computer, my dog and a potato
Tysomch foru
Its so fun i know that i am big fan of u because i watching all ur noob vs pro vs hacker and great and keep doing
But I like the bancheas from halo but the wart hog is my second favorite
I play halo
Ok pro I like the pros more although if he'd place ACTUALL CAMERAS in the vault that would be awesome so you pro wins
Amanda J
500 noobs = 1 pro
Malcolm London
Seth Charles
I don't now
Derpy devil LOL sayar
Two Nubs iz fair
No because there's too people.
Logan Rainbow123
You an the hacker
Canadian Kid
Kim Cann
The hacker is hacking
Jordan Titcombe
minecraft pro doesn't know how to tame a horse because he only plays on creative lol he's the hacker not the other guy
Icychains 01
2:16 you gotta start from *scratch* just like us

GD shop music is playing

Scratch is a shopkeeper

U sneaky comedian
Jamel Goodwin
No because noob plus noob equals pro and pro you can't let that happen
What mods did you use?
Brooke Sproul
I think it’s fair
PJ Torretto
you should make a pit trap and make it part of the way to get through as a troll
stickboy studio gamer
A noob + and noob equals a bigger noob
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NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER in Merge Plane! Minecraft - SECRET VAULT CHALLENGE! 6 months ago   10:02

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