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Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, better known to their 2 million readers as The Minimalists, are the authors of several bestselling books, including EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS. They spoke at TEDxWhitefish about minimalism, the value of community, and discovering what makes people rich. For more info about The Minimalists visit http://theminimalists.com

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less is more. choose to have one good item instead of many of them. one well chosen item gives more satisfaction than many not so good ones. i have one pair of jeans, one skirt, one shirt, one pair of winter boots etc... and i have so much more money left over:). also for example why own things? i think it enough to experience things. like ferrari? just rent if for couple of days, or a week, get the curiousity satisfied, no need to own it. rent things, try things, dont buy them. only buy one
Get you someone who looks at you the way Ryan looks at Joshua
Saurabh Padwekar
Imagine a life 100 years from now. That's all. Everything is illusion and nothing matters.
Mobaba Moba
Is it just me or is 'minimalism' just an invented 1st world problem?

'Boohoo I have too much money and too much success and too much stuff I'm sad with all my possessions!" .

If people are woorrying about minimalism they don't have real problems.

All I care is my bed ridden parents and where to get some small money for stuff to survive.
Minimalism is something I can not imagine to care about because I live it not by choice.
I think this movement is a great thing for a consumerist society like the US. In Italy we are not so addicted to consumerism, but every medium promotes all the new trends from US; with globalization in act I think it's normal for our people to look at american consumeristic way of life as a model to follow. As for me, I think I don't need any Minimalism in my life: fortunately my parents alredy taught me not to buy anything that's not necessary or that wouldn't be useful because of the waste of money it represents. Personally I prefer to spend those money dining with my friends or travelling with my wife. Obviously I'm not very rich but every month I get enough money to buy a lot of unnecessary stuff. I agree that's not wrong to consume, but to consume compulsively, that's the point. Thanks guys!
Wendy Hammock
I am a minimalist wanna-be living with a hoarder. Wish me luck.
Marion Sterescu
spend my day in college, watch animation tv shows. spend time with friends and buy foods, cook
Katie Mediate
This was my very first introduction to minimalism four years ago, and it completely changed my life. Thank you.
Faried De Bruyns
Most of all. Thanks.
Faried De Bruyns
Faried De Bruyns
Share what works, and ignore what doesn't work.
Faried De Bruyns
And check out natural remedies
Faried De Bruyns
Many things in the book are true. I was surprised when the author many times expressed difficult life circumstances with powerful negativity. After leaving an abusive relationship I was happy to be able to create a safe haven for myself in which I would be able to live without facing an abuser. To enjoy certain things and materials, much like fine art is an important part of human expression.
Many times the author gets extremely negative about certain aspects, so negative it seems he is walking on the road of depression and the powerful writing style seems oppressive. I forced myself to read some parts of the book because I myself lost family. But I do think the author has a strong negativity, depression?, that seems to show through.
Perhaps him also listing physical difficulties in his broken marriage could be traced back to a more psychological mindset.
All I am saying is that I understand that most times it is often very negative psychological issues and string negative behavior that is then followed by physical dysfunction.
Would not be able to experience happiness with strong negativity around me.
Not a psychologist by any means.
But I will not finish the book because the strong negativity literally seems to get me into a depressive mode. And perhaps that can happen to people with their partners too and they don't realize it at the time and that negativity is often the real reason people break up. Whew
A lot of truths in the book
Mariana Oz
The basic of happiness right there... So easy, so achievable...Who knew :) We knew...
Alex BittoNagy
George Carlin: "Spending money you don't have, on things you don't need to impress people you don't care about."
Toby-Jeanne Almy
Good ol Montana boys!!
Rabin Adhikari
I am broke, so YouTube recommended this and I am happy now. Thank you YouTube(Google), that your algorithm knows that I am not shopping online, I am not going to mall, I am not traveling like before, I am not eating gourmet foods, and I am not buying things that I don’t need. I am happy and felt much richer by packing my unwanted possessions.
Mani Matter
Money is the most important thing in the world
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Why comfort will ruin your A rich life with less 2 months ago   12:35

After documenting and researching over 50,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, Bill Eckstrom shares life-altering, personal and professional development ideas through the introduction of the “Growth Rings.” The rings illustrate how dangerous it can be to remain in a state of comfort and how being in discomfort is the only way to sustain growth. You’ll be amazed at the world-changing outcomes discomfort can have on your life and the lives of others.

Bill Eckstrom is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, outdoorsman and father of three. With a passion deeply rooted in growth and development, Bill has always been fascinated by the role a coach has on the performance of individuals and teams. As a result, he founded the EcSell Institute whose sole focus is to educate, track and measure coaching effectiveness for leaders within organizations around the world. This has led to hundreds of keynotes, published articles and e-books created from the research and documentation of coaching interactions and outcomes. You can learn more about the EcSell Institute here: https://www.ecsellinstitute.com/

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