Donald Trump's most bizarre Trump roasts Clinton at Al Smith 5 months ago   01:41

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It's been another hectic year for president Donald Trump. He's contended with combative interviews, natural disasters and allegations of collusion from both sides of the political aisle. As the second year of his presidency begins to draw to a close, here are some of the most 'Trumpworthy' moments of 2018, including but not limited to: a slightly confusing North Korean salute, the wettest hurricane with regards to water, and a 'very stable genius'.

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A. Vega
"I'm a very stable genius..." One of the weirdest things I've heard. LOL!
Jesus Ramos
No respect for the BOZO,he deserves an ASS KICKING
Mark Dolan
Cringe heaven.
Alex Rzep
I know the Fuck In us a can do better than this lousy Fuck In idiot
James Francis
I like him for some reasons but why say i am the least racist & least other, there are 8 billion on the planet..
Delvin Walton
i wish chuck would die
Chuan Hui
this fellow knows how to talk only when he faces problem he just walks away in his world he always think he is the greatest the whole world dropping down he cares less
Connie Gibbons
Could he ever behave more like a disgusting, narcissistic, pathological liar.
Dawnie Newman
There's no crisis at the border he's making that up you f****** idiots now look what's happening way to go Democrats
lorrie guiffre
I don't think in what he says doing he is a numnuts big time
Christopher Matthews
Wettest is not a word lol
Joy Smith
Large head small brain for sure
I have never hated anyone in my life, I mean, seething, visceral, palpable hatred until this orange asshole moved his lard ass into the White House. Can't stand him and I will throw the biggest block party when he leaves office or dies, whichever comes first.
kathy Turner
I would have paid to have seen that horse have kicked him in the BALLS.
Hi Too
That Israeli flag at 00:18 would've been more accurate.
Gary Hughes
What a complete idiot! Give me a break please.
That Thing
1:30 Lol, look at Kim. He looks like a guy who goes on a date with someone they hate.
Beb Hopkins
American or trump supporter what the fuck was you thinking to vote for this man 2020 do that ring a bell send that lieing punk ass home or hell
Sunflower Milkshake
Sometimes Trump remembers me from the ice king frim Adventure Time
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Love it hate it, u gotta enjoy some of his antics
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Trump roasts Clinton at Al Smith Donald Trump's most bizarre 5 months ago   15:51

Just one night after the final presidential debate, Donald Trump roasted Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith Dinner. The Catholic charity fundraiser is an opportunity for the candidates to trade jokes and blows amid the heated campaign. CBSN has Trump's full speech.