Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 2 Episode 1 week ago   1:38:17

Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen
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Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 9 - Anna Vincenzo's Full Episode

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Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen
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Anukshya Rath
Cece - Don't you get defensive when someone comes and tells your food like that.
Gordon- I don't fu**king cook like that!
Gordon knows what makes a great leader, to lead by example that is why he is nice to the servers and field Marshall Hitler towards the cooks and chefs.
Starburst Chan
“He can kiss my stars”

BOI u don’t have any
Christina Hubbard Mills
Ungrateful ass bitter ass bitch.
Gabriela 111
OMG, she should stay in the back with that lip liner and boobs hanging a foot in front of her.
Comic Book Guy
I like how her father was like “fuck him”
Then he was hugging and crying like a little bitch at the end lmaooo
Sam Knapton
This is why children need discipline...
Anh Đức
Guys i wonder how much credits and money would Chef Ramsay receive to spend time with this type of person. Absolutely impertinent and cry-babyish.
Solid Rock
I love Gordon and I love his shows....... but the constant dramatic music is garbage. The British shows are way better.
Richard Nixon
“I hate Gordon Ramsay for having an opinion about my food”
“He bought me stuff! I love him now!”
“Gift giving was 5 seconds ago back to hating him cause I need to throw at least 1 hissy fit every hour”
Richard Nixon
How are you supposed to improve your food if you don’t take ANY criticism? Do you think your food is literally the best food in the entire world? Just how delusional can a person get?
Axelle Marie Celine Malabayabas
Lol. I love Ashton.
Brenda Gonzalez
omg this was the best episode ..I had tears in my eyes ..I live the way you and CeCe ended up getting along ..I LOVE CHEF RAMSEY..I EVEN WATCH HOTEL HELL..I WATCH ANYTHING THAT HE IS IN LOVE YOU CHEF
Dominique Young
I have a crush on Ashton
Jackie1111 S
I swear she looks just like Fairuza Balk if she gained weight 😂😂 she sounds just like her too!! Wow
I Showed him my dick and called him a fag
Her stomach is better than a push up bra for her holy shit lol
Santiago Duque
Yeah she's been in the kitchen since she was a baby.
alex vega
( • )( • )GODDAM!!!!
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Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 2 Episode Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 1 week ago   43:24

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