PM Theresa May gives evidence on Brexit Theresa May's Brexit speech 2 days ago   1:22:31

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Comments 275 Comments

Lady on google
LEAVE NOW, NO DEAL, NO DEAL, NO DEAL, NO DEAL, NO DEAL, NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL. We definitely ARE going round in circles and this woman is the reason why. She it telling us all she's right and won't budge. We employ her to do as we say.
goharik jones
I can NOT watch er any more.
goharik jones
She never answers the question dose she !!!
goharik jones
After saying no deal is better than a bad deal 108 times and then taking the NO DEAL off the table was to kill everything.
goharik jones
She has said 108 times No deal is better than a bad deal, she's doing the exact opposite as usual. Vote Brexit party to deliver, don't trust her or who ever takes over her either.
goharik jones
I hope parliment dose not agree to your so called your dodgy deal, if they do then will be end of Tory's.
goharik jones
She just doesn't listen or hear out dose she!!! She sounds worse than a dodgy car dealer.
goharik jones
Yes, why don't you get on with it you useless woman.
goharik jones
She's such a lier, it's unbelievable, you can see from her body language...can't bear listening to her.
goharik jones
No your wrong Mrs May you shouldn't have taken any extension, you didn't listen to us or even to your MPs, did slimy's not a's a terrible Treatyyyyy. Are you deaf !!!!
Lady on google
Stupid woman, that treaty is not better than a no deal. I can't believe an educated woman is saying all this. That treaty makes us stay tied to them without any say.
pega1 ag
Your own torey whent against you
Another Pelosi... Youve got to sign it to see whats in it !!! Totally disregarding the will of the people... Shame She should be sacked bc SHE is not Representing the people but her mates in thje EU bc SHE wants to leave...BUT...with a Deal...Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap
John Strong
David Stutt
Mrs may no deal is better than a bad deal her deal staying in a custom Union is not brexit she will not get the UK out, of the EU
She’s as slippery as a snake, of the reptilian kind.
John Strong
John W
It is a treaty not a deal and there is a huge difference..She is talking about the political declaration which is not binding.
John W
Oh what a tangled web you weave when at first you practice to deceive
douglas todd
So she even LIES to the LAW MAKERS, She needs to be dragged out of Downing st, and stand trial for Perjory and Treason .
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Theresa May's Brexit speech PM Theresa May gives evidence on Brexit 2 days ago   42:30

The Prime Minister has spelled out her plans for Brexit - with a warning that she is ready to walk away from negotiations unless Brussels offers a good deal.

Theresa May promised that MPs would get a vote on that deal. But she also made clear that Brexit would mean leaving the single market for good.

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