Are the Bees Okay Now? Inside the Race to See the Edge of the Universe 2 weeks ago   03:30

About 10 years ago, the news was packed with reports about something called colony collapse disorder — a mysterious phenomenon that involved the disappearance of enormous numbers of bees. Then, the news stopped talking about it. So what gives? Are bees safe now?

Hosted by: Hank Green

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It's Aliens!
CCD is a kinda made up phenomenon. The bees experiencing this mainly where the pollinators, this collapse didnt affect privet bee keepers, bee keepers for making honey, and wild bees. this is because how pollinators have to work with the bees and the customer, they will drive up with hundreds of hives. most usually dont check every ~17 days to make sure that they are health ( not checking to see if they have water, food, and disease/mite free). At the same time most are loaded back up and sent to the next farm during the day, which about 20% of the colony will be out. They do multiple spots over a large distance leave many bees be hind. during the spring time most pollinators will split their hives and grow their size before the next pollinating season for farmers. If I remember right Florida stopped pollinators from coming in last year because of already having too many bees. In most of the southern states have aficanized bees or "killer bee", which are out of control and kill people.( they dont actively look to attack people but they pretty much see anything with ~20ft of the hive as something that needs to be killed before they are attacked)
This looks like the job for---
Ken O
Why is percent of hive loss that's due to this issue, relevant? Isn't the relevant info, the percentage of hives that get lost, and once we know that, then we can apply the percent that's due to this issue. (For example, if the percentage of hives that get lost goes down from 50% to 1%, then even if the percent of the lost hives due to this issue goes up, it would be of minor relevance.)
Unstable Alpaca
The Queens started demanding equality which turned out to be more like I want all things you deserve nothing, so all the worker bees said nope were out. You can live on the welfare bounty we left you while we go find bleach.
When I was in school all the Catholic kids went to CCD. Maybe they finally stopped murdering bees while studying the Catechism
Maybe the worker bees unionized?
Matt Horkan
Humans are too quick to panic and assume the worst when it comes to nature. While science is awesome, its new. Barely a few hundred years old in its modern form. Its arrogant to think we know enough about nature to predict its catastrophic collapse for certain.
The bees are probably fleeing from humanity.
Mirco Hesse
ich lehne mich jetzt mal weit aus dem Fenster.
könnte es sein das weniger Bienen sterben WEIL ES NICHT MEHR SO VIELE GIBT
Ungha Bungha
Not one single mention of the Global Warming apocalypse?
Aaron Powell
Bees are a type of livestock that supplant the natural pollinators of their respective regions if honeybees died off natural pollinators would stop going extinct..... and no we wouldn't starve.
Captain BlackScrote
No bees in America means that the native species will start doing better and humans will need to get their money from other countries.

No honey bees here means everything would be better off.
The Random Hamlet
Considering that honey bees are an invasive species isn't it a good thing for them to be on decline?
No, because bees still has to fight republicans!
Cory Newton
They just didn't want to keep working in the white man's honey farms!
Da Ba
It appears to me that the mgtow movement has gone interspecies.
Could we clone new bee hives?
It's just a bug. Don't worry, they fixed it. Our simulation world is fine.
Danny Schatz
Maybe cause it’s happened before like a common cold
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Inside the Race to See the Edge of the Universe Are the Bees Okay Now? 2 weeks ago   06:50

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