Are the Bees Okay Now? Inside the Race to See the Edge of the Universe 5 months ago   03:30

About 10 years ago, the news was packed with reports about something called colony collapse disorder — a mysterious phenomenon that involved the disappearance of enormous numbers of bees. Then, the news stopped talking about it. So what gives? Are bees safe now?

Hosted by: Hank Green

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Today I found a lot of dead bees on the floor.. it’s so sad..
Menos The Name
Check out router signals that mess with insect orientation, then come back to me!
Maybe the decrease in the disorder came at the same time as a new kind of router got popular?
Random videos
So what we can do is to plant flowers at pots.
Venom Supreme
I’m sorry, who determined Colony Collapse disorder is overall negative and who can I hold responsible for all these outdated assumptions in science?
A retarted bean
Wait if bees are dead and we don’t have food
The [insert political party] knows what causes colony collapse syndrome, they told me all about it! It's [current political topic], so now you know! Mystery solved.

Damn you monsanto/global warming/Donald Trump/co2 emissions/yellow dye 7/atheism/chemtrails/dubstep! Damn you to hellllllll! (I'm making a joke, but also at least 3 of these examples I've actually been told was true in real life... by people whom couldn't possibly know.)
Raven Bishop
I go out looking and counting the bees I see. There are less and less every year here. Now my cherry trees produce nothing. I have put food out for the bees that came and ate it, now none show up.
I don't get the bee movie jokes
Stonemansteve II
The French knew from the beginning that it was the new pesticides that we used!! How did they know? Because the same thing happened there in 1994 after they started using the same pesticides that always stay with the plant!!! Nobody heard about it then, because it was only in France, but when they banned those substances, CCD all but disappeared there. They told us what it was, but nobody listened!!!
Matthew Haas
Lack of DNA diversity due to inbreeding of queens.
Blue Loon
Can we get an update on the next great swine/bird/spanish flu and what Yellowstone's feeling like?
Morag MacGregor
My money is on neonicitinoid insecticide and the GMO plants that are engineered to be tolerant of it. I'm guessing that the EU has banned that but the US has _not._ Those manufacturers have enough money to dictate US policy. Just my opinion.
_edit for bad typing_
Prince Persona
I would love a video that talks about what foods would be left if all of the bees died and nothing replaced them.
What's odd is that this isn't really an environmental problem, bees aren't native to the US. It's just a technical problem for an industry.
shit poster
They are protecting our use of honey
William Cyparski
Hank for President!
Someones watched Bee Movie a few too many times
It was the 🛸🛸🛸👽👽👽
Honey bees aren't native to most of the places they're used and they're only as popular as they are in agriculture because they make honey. There are tens of thousands of pollinators out there, mostly native insects that the bees have displaced, that could fill the role. Our over reliance on an invasive species is a problem of our own making.
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Inside the Race to See the Edge of the Universe Are the Bees Okay Now? 5 months ago   06:50

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