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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Sea surface temperatures remain around average or below average for this time of year throughout the Marine Park, with the exception of the Far Northern management area of the Marine Park (above Princess Charlotte Bay) where temperatures are 0.5 – 1.5°C above average.

While rainfall and cooler conditions brought some reprieve to parts of the Marine Park, the Far Northern, Northern and Central management areas (from approximately Townsville northwards) are currently on bleaching watch.

Localised instances of minor bleaching have been reported from all regions of the Marine Park since the start of summer, particularly in the northern half of the Reef.

Forecast models still predict above average sea surface temperatures through February and March for the entire Great Barrier Reef.

Regional and local weather conditions over the remainder of summer continue to be critical in determining the outcome for the Reef this summer.

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Louisa’s love of the water started young, sailing and swimming whenever possible in cold English waters and working for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. She went on to study Marine Biology with Oceanography and further developed her passion to explore what is still a much unknown environment.

Louisa is a Marine Biologist onboard Sailaway which regularly visits the beautiful Low Isles, a place she has gotten to know intimately over the last 2 years. She is proud to be a part of ‘eco-tourism’ and having as little impact as possible by sailing to the island every day.