HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating Elco Electric Outboards - Choice 1 day ago   12:57

HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating Boat propulsion

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Ed Maynard
Sonic vibrations.
It is "Slip Stick Effect".
Engineer Ahmed
The absolutely brilliant part of your research was the impact factor where u raised the bar from probably there is a trend to certainly there is a trend. If there is a trend in data it gets very prominent as independent parameters it shifted to zero or for motion based trends they reveal fully at super slowmo or at speeded up footage. eg clouds motion, sun's motion & esp milkey way's motion from one side of sky to the other become totally evident on speeded up timelapses
Engineer Ahmed
Brilliant video......Fluid mechanics is very hard to rationalize. I am even skeptical of its equations too hence didn't specialize in it. Best way to deal with FM problems is to rely on trends from experimental data obtained from wind tunnel testing etc....Eg if u drop a solid no matter how springy it is it can never bounce as high as it was released from but if u drop a brick in pond, the water drops will rise above your hand and make your hand dirty.Just counter intuitive ..Note however ofcourse it doesn't defy energy principles
I wonder if you tilted the things on the back , if it would behave different? Maybe if you removed the center one, tilted the outer 2 inward or outward a slight amount that it would go faster.
I had a canoe and noticed when I stood up and sat down at one end repeatedly it would tend to propel towards the end lower in the water. I reckoned that the raised end had more surface so it pushed more against the water than at the lower end.
I am puzzled. The best thing I can think of is that, like you said, it’s got to do with fluid pressure. I think more specifically it is because turbulent fluid is less dense than laminar fluid, therefore the turbulent fluid around the vibrating fins is lower pressure, which pulls the fluid from around the boat towards it, and because of the Coanda effect, the moving water pulls the boat with it. But that’s already basically what you said so I suppose it’s not much help...
I think that the buzzing sound irritates the tiny microscopic creatures that live in your kitchen and they are all blowing on the boat trying to make it go away. Ha.  Actually it might be a sort of inertia drive going on.  I have been following that concept for years.  When I was 14  I built an inertia drive device box that moved around on a table.  I still have it somewhere.  The small balsa wood box had an out of balance motor setup that moved up and down a slight ramp.  When the sliding motor arrangement hit the bottom of the ramp it 'banged' the box forward like a hammer hitting a nail.  I got the idea from a Popular Science magazine article about inertia drive research.   I think the year was about 1964.
Mike Flight
Very interesting experiment.

It could be that the vibration frequency that is transferred to the water is then being interrupted by the fins so the boat will move towards the interrupted area because there is not as much vibration in that area.
I think if the fins were tuned to the correct frequency, either shorter or longer, it would be seen to move faster in the fins direction.
Trying to do that would be trial and error. This is just a guess.
Cheiko Sairin
You are very creative my friend. Big LIKE 1 and greeting from Singapore. Happy weekday.
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Elco Electric Outboards - Choice HOW or WHY does this work? Vibrating 1 day ago   05:31

This video is about Elco Electric Outboards - the OEM and Dealer Choice