President Trump Talks Baby Joe Biden: President Donald Trump 2 days ago   09:59

Trump confesses that the baby Trump blimp makes him feel unwelcome in London in an interview with The Sun. Pres. Trump also said Boris Johnson would make a great P.M. ahead of his meeting with current P.M. Theresa May. Eugene Robinson and Brian Klaas discuss the interview with Lawrence.
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President Trump Talks Baby Blimp, Criticizes British PM In New Interview | The Last Word | MSNBC

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James Grimsey
I wonder how much one of those costs. I don't have any money but I would find some to donate for that.
rachid khedimallah
We need Obama back again! Make America great again
Meio Lyn
He is making America scary instead.
Mike Perkins
POS POTUS supporters family and staff.
Ocrun Higgs
Nice Call By Mayor Sadiq Khan For Letting The Blimp Fly Kudos.
Larrin Larrin
First of all Donald Trump you need to clean your own backyard before you go into somebody else's backyard the White House is dirty and muddy take care of the problem in your own house before you start throwing stones at somebody else's Glass House
Laurie Huntley
Hey and your Fake Family are WANTED BACK IN BRITAIN ANYWHERE! But you got your Pictures . As embarrassing as they are!!,
Ruth Sheridan
Why do the British have massive protests while we do nothing in our own country ??
r. gal
Hey. Isn't that guy the Orange Klown twin brother?
claire bigelow
LOVE THE BABY BLIMP ! we need one in front of the White House !!!!!
Claire Peace
Very sly and clever mentioning England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 there is unrest within the UK 🇬🇧 with this he did that deliberately !!
bob burroughs
The mindless halfwit - we f.cking hate this senile numb nuts in England.
andy watson
Pro Trump rally in England is 50 times bigger than the anti Trump protest. You bunch of liars.
hubert chibuye
11% who cares British people are irrelevant now. Even you the panelist knows it doesn't matter because you are as baised as the devil period. Prostesting for what you are just wasting your time and Britain is finished.
Karen H
those looking for blimps... You can probably order them from China for a penny. XD
J Lavem
Everybody I know friends family work colleagues here in ENGLAND hates trump with a passion nobody I have ever met likes trump they all think he's an imbecile a lier and is uneducated.
Diego Suarez
Sandra would just say he was joking. And where can I buy a baby Trump blimp?
z chan
Boris Johnson..... prime minister........
Me:hahahahhahahaha 😂 😂 😂
michelet wilkinson-pennington
Orange moron!
Ann Young
His travel ban offended the Muslims and Muslim lovers
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Joe Biden: President Donald Trump President Trump Talks Baby 2 days ago   14:06

2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden discusses his health care plan, taking care of the health needs of migrants, investing money in the border and how the Trump WH has handled immigration.
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Joe Biden: President Donald Trump Handling Of Border An Attempt To Scare | Morning Joe | MSNBC