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Hey guys welcome to episode 5 of Reddit Entitled Parents. A lot of you have mentioned that you wanted me to read some Reddit Entitled Parents Stories and I've got 3 awesome stories for you guys today.

Here are the stories in this episode:

0:10 - "Ep BROKE my computer"
3:05 - "Susan gets mad at me because of my violent hoodie"
5:45 - "EK steals my Gameboy Advance thinking it's a Switch Mini, tries to sell it to Gamestop"

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Hey guys! Fill in the blank! If an entitled parent tried to bully me, I would ____________.
Gamer-Vision Studios
Oh sure, a Vertical handheld is the mini version of a fucking horizontal console
Ty Nelson
This makes me mad how stupid people are
Whats the name of the background music?
Jackster Gaming AxScp
If somebody tried to steal my gba I would punch the entitled parent in the head and walk away with my game boy advance
pumaLPS Tv
Ek are my enitials lmao
Sunshine Doggie 2
Wow.... all stories really made me angry. I feel like if I been there, I will hit entitled parents.... But it good stories, (good karma)
Julio Comoreto
0:16 Cool you chose a Swiss ICN Train for the background!
Big Oof?
BingBong Hafu
Actually, some of these stories are hard to believe...
King Dedede
The Axolotl
5:59 i also are too have
A Non Human
L4d and l4d2 isnt that bad for a 10 year old..... without a mic
I'd grab these cunts by the collar and slap them hard so many time that their face swells up then run home and lock the door and hunker down for a few weeks
Pandawolf Gamer
I feel bad for the kid that did not get his ice cream the mom is a bitch —,—
Christian Vesoloski
He lives at home duuuuuuu

This pisses me off I love gamboy (hate switch) and had a cobalt gameboy advanced SP with need for speed and other games
Oscar Surman
Comment 667
Shock the mother wasn't all "NOW GIVE ME BACK MY! MONEY!' For her fake "he sold us this" story.
OriginScourge S
Does your jaw hurt
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r/EntitledParents | CRAZY ENTITLED PARENT r/EntitledParents - EP "Broke" My Laptop - 3 Entitled 1 day ago   06:26

Another crazy couple of stories from r/entitledparents. In this edition, an entitled woman tries to take a fully automatic weapon for her child, despite the seller telling her it was not a toy! In another post, an entitled kid (ek) cuts off an autistic boy's finger, and her entitled mum (em) blames it on him! I really would love to meet some of these entitled people in real life - how brain-dead must they be? However, it certainly makes for some funny reddit content!

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