Howie Mandel Told Someone 5 months ago   06:28

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Howie Mandel shares a lesson he's learned about talking to fans in New York City, how he handles his germophobia on airplanes and explains why he was initially hesitant to host Deal or No Deal.
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Howie Mandel Told Someone Sitting Next to Him on a Plane That They Smelled- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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carli max
Howie should have started a little fund drive with his fellow passengers to pay for a steward to at least wet-wipe 'smelly ankle guys' feet and ankles down thoroughly and bag his shoes and socks. I bet he would have collected at least 2 Gs if not more in first class and maybe started a lucrative sideline for the cute stewards.... Which makes me wonder if some airlines have this service already... other cultures are different.
It's just the same banker wearing a wig. :)
miranda pow
Howie: now there’s a female banker
What the hell?! The Caribbean has American Television 💁🏾‍♂️
Ethan Shalev
Gotta wonder what happened to the shirt he came to the studio in. Did something spill on it? Did it promote a brand they couldn't put on air?
Edward Shields
May I also add that the best thing you can do for a young child to inoculate them against disease, other than vaccinations, is to take them out into a field where there are cows, and rub their face against the cows. This is how the vaccination for smallpox was discovered. People who live sterile lives are more prone to disease then those of us who get out an associate with the general public. Smallpox hasn't been seen in years.
Edward Shields
Howie, to quote the great Yogi Berra: "When you see a fork in the road, take it!"
Slightlie Selassie
I once told someone sitting next to me on train that they stunk - they told me I was very rude. So stinking up a train is OK, but telling someone they are stinking up a train isn't OK. Apparently.
robert retka
That is sort of nonsense Howie. The air changes on commercial aircraft are rapid. I had bad intestinal gas on a flight. Just let it out in my seat. It disappeared like magic. No one near me even noticed.
robert retka
Howie, did they smell like money or a delicious Cheese Burger?
Jenny Gavin-Wear
What a pretentious bore.
Mr. Clean would know how to handle that plane trip Howie. Howie you’re whimsical with all of your humorous idiosyncrasy.
Crystal Sherman
How rhe hell do you have funky ankles?! I have never heard of that before. But if you know you have an odor issue with or on your body, please keep your clothes, shoes, socks, etc on. Be considerate of others. Nobody wants to smell stinkiness on a plane or anywhere. Gross!
Bezu Who
Pretty sure the stink was coming from Howie. As a Canadian I gotta thank gawd he’s American now.
Frank Barton
What a fucking whiner
New Message
I'd love to not shake that man's hand.
D Mc
Howie Mandel is unbearable.
Bobbys world!!! I loved that show so much growing up!
Frank Drebbin
What kind of *Child* goes straight to calling in Authority to negotiate minor problems?
Be an *Adult* Howie, and give the other person a chance to act like an Adult.
If you can solve the problem between yourselves, then you both have an Adult Victory at Negotiation.
If the other person goes right to childish refusal then you have reason to go to Authority. But you also have coin as a Celebrity, If you are recognized, the other person will surely want to please you and have a good story to tell later.
Steph Ss
The title of this video is misleading. Howie is spineless.
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