Landlord's Right To Enter The Rental Mistakes Landlords Make With 2 months ago   03:55

Landlord's Right To Enter The Rental Property

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Typically a landlord is required to provide 24 hour notice of visiting a rental unit. In some states this does not apply so be sure to check your state laws.

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G Sam
So yeah great, he can't force his way in, but if he has given 24 our notice, and the tenant refuses, then what??
Joann Urquizo
This landlord entered my grandsons appartment without permission. He sent a text to tell them they have one month to leave. He said he was doing an inspection and found the appt. with dirty dishes and a mess. It was not a mess and he has no right to enter without permission. This is a monthly lease and he does not report to the credit bureaus. This is money pocketed without paying taxes. Not right to kicks these young men out. They pay all the bills and rent on time since they have been there. Not right!
shaun hamer
the police need a warrant to enter a property without permission, what makes a landlord /landlords agent 'above the law' in assuming he has the right to enter at will, a property that he has signed a contract to let as a home to someone, which is then subsequently subject to the conditions of the contract,, most tenancy agreements state clearly that the landlord/agent's contractual agreements I.e. inspections,  are SUBject to the permission of the tenant. if the tenant doesn't have privacy, then surely the landlord is in breach of the 'peaceful enjoyment of the property' condition, that is the basis of rental agreements as far as the tenant is concerned,,  without privacy how can it be called a home..
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Mistakes Landlords Make With Landlord's Right To Enter The Rental 2 months ago   11:38

This video is about Mistakes Landlords Make With Abandoned Rentals.

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Know this information before making any rash decisions with a tenant's property or belongings.