MMA Community Reacts to the Thrilling Fight Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya: 2 months ago   11:02

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Reactions to UFC 234,

And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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Where you impressed with Style Bender's performance?
711 Ph.
0:44 shuut yo fookin mouthh , what you gonna doo

-conor mcgregor to nate diaz
Shandon Sims
The thing I don't understand with Silva is when he knocked out being cocky with his hands down, we'd think he'd stop doing it.
gsp goat
Prince Of Nile Valley
This young man has a very bright future. Very confident, smart, & talented. Can't wait for his next win. Much respect to Silva as well, always great entertainer, but the style bender is on some next level status!!
That wasn't a thriller fight whatsoever
Love Yourself
It’s nice seeing fighters respect each other after the fight. Two fighters that are professional enough to fight each other without needing to make themselves hate the other guy (or gal) to do so.
Mc Me
Nothing thrilling about Israel's hyped up snooze fest.
Why the fck would any1 want to drink out ov a cowboy boot somebody say something !!!
I didnt enjoy the fight I expected alot more from Silva to b honest !!!
E Bang G
Israel is wack
ed Cast
Kaufman can go suck a cucumber not one of her fights is worth watching
ed Cast
Hate how they feed older vets to young come ups.for such a bad ass he couldn’t stop Silva. Entertaining yes but nothing spectacular.
Andrew Cruz
Am I the only one who likes the new ufc belt ? Come on , the old one looked like the WCW belt .
BalBin 032
Spider got schooled big time. 😏😂😂
edmar silva de araujo
Se o Anderson hj tivesse a mesma idade do Adesanya ele não passava do 2 asalto
Joseph Lapez
Sarah Kauffman the type of dude to ________
Joseph Lapez
Damn, Adesanya was crying when they bowed, he defeated his idol. Much respect.
TBH that fight was a bit shit. Anderson exposed how easily the younger guys are hit. That's about it. All that shit at the end of the fight is a bunch of gay shit. Shake hands and fuck off!
Lol. As if any one cares to watch any of your fights @Sarah Kaufman. Someone had to first know about you to give you the opportunity of their enjoyment. But that's my #opinion
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Anderson Silva vs Israel Adesanya: MMA Community Reacts to the Thrilling Fight 2 months ago   05:15

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Chael Sonnen talks about what we learned after UFC great Anderson Silva faced rising star at Israel Adesanya at UFC 234 in Melbourne Australia.