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Inside Edition
It was a day of pomp and pageantry as the Trumps visited Buckingham Palace to meet with the royal family. So what did President Trump tell Queen Elizabeth II? Inside Edition asked expert lip reader Larry Wenig to explain what the two were chatting about. It was a cordial exchange, with the queen telling Trump "thank you" and "well, so you're here,"  before gesturing at him to follow her. "Come along," she said, according to Wenig. The day was not without controversy, however.

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bright side
What is an awkward handshake
Wpzl Reynolds
Rich people....
paris Morris
The Queen said to Trump "Don't look at me like that"
Christopher Ortega
"hail hydra"
Zamil Ali
0:02 could trump not afford a larger suit being billionaire
Rafael Reacts
I thought they were getting married
Charlotte Da derpy potato :3
1:28 omg wtf is that
Dragon Jones
Princess Kate?
Tal Rozenberg
Fist bump!?!😁
Alan Juillerat
Some reason I had a dream of getting a high five from Queen Elizabeth.
starco_marichat marichat
I'm not even gonna lie this whole report was hilarious 😂😂
Sky loverMC
Werwolf Abwehr
«Take care, Mr. President, I am not Human»
Nathan Anderson
I’m sorry but there’s so much wrong with this vid for one princess Kate isn’t a princess she’s a duchess and as a Americans he doesn’t need to bow to the queen em yes he does it’s just u lot think they don’t need to follow rules
Guinea PigLover
Is no one gonna talk about how funny that baby trump balloon was? Lmfao😂
Dax Phillips
The Mayor of London is a complete Idiot and she not be mayor. We mist Save Britain from this Islamic Refugee crisis!
A Person
His suit though in the beginning looks ridiculous 😂
Trump is firing back

Calls the mayor a loser

Lol XD he got destroy
Anthoni Garcia
0:23 big wobble dobbles
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Ways to Keep Your Family What Did Queen Elizabeth Say to President 1 day ago   02:02

Think you're protected at home? Think again. Security expert Bill Stanton, author of "Prepared Not Scared: Your Go-To Guide for Staying Safe in an Unsafe World," showed Inside Edition his tips for turning your residence into a fortress. It starts, he said, with signs to deter bad guys from even thinking about breaking into your home. "You don't want to make it too obvious, but you want to get the message across," Stanton said. In addition to signs, Stanton recommends motion lights.