Category 4 Hurricane Michael makes 10-10-2018 Panama City Beach, 1 week ago   00:47

Howling wind and pounding rain lash into Panama City, Florida. Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach with wind speeds up to 155 mph.

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Weather get worse every year and I understand was category 4 hurricane but when you see the videos I can tell it was a thousand parts of old wood with years of termites that's what happens in this country everything is a big business you can't build a strong house always it's a thousand of city codes and rules and the people is the one will suffer the consequences
ForestGWolfy Productions
shit i remember in 2005 when wilma hits south florida and our roof was almost blown off.
Asad Photoshop Editz
bad very
Jack Meov
*MEH* - Doesn't look that bad - bit of wind and rain - so what ?  American's are Drama Queens....
Lilia Hamilton
Change the name from Mexico beach to Trump beach.
Why are there so many cars parked outside where 5 ton trees can fall on them at any moment...
Hurricane Mitchell!
boss be like: You're still comin to work right?
coolmasterishaan playz
I am away from hurricane. I’m lucky.
Damn !
Julio Juan
Que Dios Los Bendiga
Hoy Y Mañana y Siempre
Cameron Michael
Michael Chen
suddenly they name a hurricane "Michael" bruh what's going to be next hurricane jesus
Dainty Minnie
Government tell Trump to return back those innocent immigrant kids back to their parents. Then the hurricanes will stop. IT IS NOT FAIR TO BE CRUEL TO KIDS.
Mary D.
My dad woke me up I thought he was jokingbbut when it was real I was shocked
Christina Nikol
This is a category 4 and I’m just hearing about it today??
Christina Nikol
These are the times that I’m glad I live in Kansas
Yoanny Rodríguez
I live in Miami Florida and I feel nothing of that odd
Jamespotter Junior
My uncle and aunt are traveling to Florida this friday... Not very excited about that trip
I hope everyone is ok up there, be safe
Anthony Jordan

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10-10-2018 Panama City Beach, Category 4 Hurricane Michael makes 1 week ago   03:07

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Massive wave hitting pier, roof getting ripped off buildings, extreme winds