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First Things First - Cris Carter Report Kevin Durant traveling to NY for further Achilles evaluation

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daone billygunnz
Understand what carter saying but it was KD choice most of the blame should be on him nobody can’t force anybody to do anything but yourself
WorkHard Academy
KD is not missing the entire next season, he'll be out 8 months, so he'll be back in late January for the 2nd half of the season. Koscielny (soccer player) aged 32 ruptured his achilles in May 2018 and returned in Dec 2018. For professional athletes at this level, this is an injury that can be fully healed in 8 months.
jasyn zangari
Hmmm...seems like the media suddenly have medical degrees. Seen tons of doctors asked about this saying that they have never, if not rarely, seen a calf injury result in anything to do with an Achilles. U don’t get to use hindsight to defend something u knew nothing about just to create a new story. Media is becoming pathetic.
DeadValley Beat6
it was Stephen smith fault!!!!!!!!!fuking pussy
Baron Wynter
10 seconds into the show for the name drop. Must be a record.
Damn Jenna is fine !
alex barmine
It kinda hurts to hear them talking about the '9 figures' he lost, the guy is already hurting enough right now not being out there with his brothers.
Kawhi played 60gms and still doesn't play back 2 backs... Thigh bruise... 18months later? C'mon, stop bringing that example up.... that isn't relatable to a phucking Achilles at aaaaaaaaaaaaall
You either believe the GSW knew his original injury was an achilles and not a calf... or you dont... I believe they knew
Nate W
RG III the basketball version.
Slayy Wealthy
I called it from the jump because I tore my Achilles before I knew it every time he iced his injury it was the lower part under his calf where the tendon starts they forced him back he only played on it because it probably was slightly torn and he thought he can play on it
...Northeastside Detroit hurr, whut up tho yaw !
Chevon Cole
Mike Reed
This guy is a turd with glasses.. just shut the F up already! Your an idiot! You dont know shit!! Lol
Tiger Barksdale
They want to win that game so bad. They had KD play hurt. I believe the medical staff was told that he needed to play. He not the first NBA player to play hurt. Ask the player from 80's. If he didn't play they would lost that game. It about GSW winning a championship rather then player getting healthy.
KD made his own grown man decision period so it’s what it is period. KD has an agent straight up they should have told him. But how about this he should sign with LeBrons representation because they’ll take great care of him make sure he don’t get out there too soon those agents he’s got now they didn’t look out for him how they should have
Ho Lee Fuk
Bob Myers wasn't crying. He was acting.
Jada Esprit
They are such hypocrites! Y'all wanted KD to play!
Daryl Newdick
i thing it was a circus stunt to put off the raptors
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