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Level Of Certainty
I got as far as 28:30 before I realised this is conference for Remainers only and therefore by no means “independent” in its basis - the lady’s question as to the will of the people in the UK was dismissed as an excuse to waffle on about populist views in Europe. This is a one sided waffle reflective of the bias nonsense spewed by MSM over the past 2 years. Speaking as a British born ethnic citizen (Greek Cypriot) we don’t need to be patronised for wanting to live in an independent, sovereign country. I’m going to vote Brexit party or UKIP in any GE. Damned be the establishment and the media.
Haggard Pillock
Couldn't understand a word of what Ken Sengupta was saying. Can anyone decipher his mumblings?
John Kedward
Have you ever seen such a grey disheveled line up such as this?
James Ross
Watch metropolitan luvvies talk shite. For a change.
Peter Shore
The independent is a scum bag fake news journo rag. All lies and propaganda with an anti white anti British and anti Christian agenda . You have got to be a cuck to agree with anything the independent say
We haven't had brexit
The anti democratic fascists have made sure the plebs can't order them around
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After another failed vote, Watch The Independent's experts and special 2 days ago   07:30

Parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal for a third time Friday, though by a smaller margin than in the prior two votes. While May vowed to keep trying to secure her deal’s approval, both the UK government and its people remain divided. Judy Woodruff talks to Robin Niblett, director of Chatham House, a London think tank, about the lack of consensus and May’s outlook.

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