Watch The Independent's experts and special MPs to Have Another Vote on Brexit 1 day ago   1:33:32

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dee welsh
I didn't even watch he video. Your journalism has been a joke since Brexit. Remain pushing idiots 😅 You are officially on the fake news list. Remain now have a lead over leave 😅😅😅 What utter tosh. You are a disgrace. Your experts are as thick as two short planks. We were offered a free trade deal and Theresa turned it down. We haven't left the EU. If our rulers are finding it that difficult to leave the EU, we have the wrong people in parliament. Idiots.
Level Of Certainty
I got as far as 28:30 before I realised this is conference for Remainers only and therefore by no means “independent” in its basis - the lady’s question as to the will of the people in the UK was dismissed as an excuse to waffle on about populist views in Europe. This is a one sided waffle reflective of the bias nonsense spewed by MSM over the past 2 years. Speaking as a British born ethnic citizen (Greek Cypriot) we don’t need to be patronised for wanting to live in an independent, sovereign country. I’m going to vote Brexit party or UKIP in any GE. Damned be the establishment and the media.
Haggard Pillock
Couldn't understand a word of what Ken Sengupta was saying. Can anyone decipher his mumblings?
John Kedward
Have you ever seen such a grey disheveled line up such as this?
James Ross
Watch metropolitan luvvies talk shite. For a change.
We haven't had brexit
The anti democratic fascists have made sure the plebs can't order them around
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MPs to Have Another Vote on Brexit Watch The Independent's experts and special 1 day ago   11:50

The House of Commons will today vote again on Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal agreement. This comes on the day that the UK was set to leave the European Union until the PM was granted an extension. Conservative Brexiteer Nadine Dorries, The Independent Group's Chuka Umunna and leader of The Brexit Party Nigel Farage debate if and when the UK will be set to leave the EU.
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Broadcast on 29/03/2019

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