Adam Thielen Flips Out On Belichick Kareem Hunt addresses TMZ video, 2 months ago   01:20

Patriots Vs Vikings, NFL 2018

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Rickey Hill
BTW, it should've been turnover on downs...
I MuZe I
That's why Thielens bitch ass is at home, and we're Super Bowl champions baby!
Kent Collins
Confirmed: The people supporting Theilan can barely read 🤘🏻
Tobin Warrick
Anybody else hate the patriots?
Aegon One
Anyone watching this confused? One of the dbs on the pats faked an injury so belichick could find a flag on the screen. Not cheating.. but definitely dirty. Thielen just bein a real one callin him out. He knew lol.
Ken Castillo
God I hate joe buck. I just can-not stand that ass-hat.
John Bandera
Ive lived in the boston area my whole life. I hate bill belichick and the patriots. The arrogance this miserable prick is allowed to conduct himself with...
Noah Burger
You can see Belicheck say “Shut the F... Up” lmaooo
max keebler
Belichick is a cheating p o s !
My Dog
At least somebody on the Vikings has balls to call out bill belicheat.
Mr. C
Fake injury , wasted time to review the play before the challenge flag. Belicheat at his best.
pooja raju
that is not a first down
Ron Mexico
I hate the Patriots but the Vikings suck.
ChuckE Cheese
Come on Vikings get in the playoffs time to turn it up and get hot into playoffs or fizzle out after looking like Superbowl faves. What happened here? You seen what happened to my Raiders
ChuckE Cheese
If Murray Mr Run high would run low this wouldn't be a debate. It's just his style but he's the biggest RB next to D.Henry. Gotta change your style in short yardage and channel your inner Beast Mode.
Rigoberto Rodriguez III
0:46 Read Belichick lips... "Oh Shut the F*** Up!"
Arch Angel Gaberial Preist
I'm not the best lip reader in the world but it appears Beliprick said "shut the fuck up" a couple of times.
Smith N. Wesson
Considering the Vikings are winless this season (0-6-1) against anyone with a winning record and have never won a Super Bowl, Adam Thielen needs to shut the fuck up. Thielen is an overrated Division 2 receiver with a punk bitch attitude. He doesn't have a pinky toe to stand on compared to Belichick's resume.
Belichick...the only coach to challenge a play when his team is up by two TDs.
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Kareem Hunt addresses TMZ video, Adam Thielen Flips Out On Belichick 2 months ago   05:56

Former Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt sits down for an exclusive interview with Lisa Salters to address the TMZ video that shows him shoving and kicking a woman in February.

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