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Mr Weebl

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Emilia Catone
pepperoni and cheese.
Good times.
x BFB fan
A what attack?
Paul Bennett
subscribed in like 1982 yet youtube has never reminded me..the Bastard :)
Divyanshu Kumar
Christmas so crying
Divyanshu Kumar
Badger my favorite
EB3 - Toons Retro Junior
one of the dislikes is from Tom.
That furry GI
Owl inquisition 0:58
zachary stearns
BOO Dr.Phillooooohhhh
Echo The Trout
These bagers are crazy
Alien Queen
Nature Imposter
Opossums actually look different in Australia their way cuter not saying American possums aren't cute but the Australian ones are just way cuter look it up yo.
Data Collaborate
At the Time of Badgers ... just headbanged the sh*t out... What a Beat!
XxxDavid ParkerxxX
This reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). Except it's only cartoon-y, but not stop motion.
Tom Kazutara
Owls are by far my favorite. Will there be instrumental version of these song in the near future? :3
Sarah P
The girrafe song had a badger and books which means he's a fat Labrador
Waffleoffle 135
King of the beavers
My childhood right here folks
Aaron Pomerantz
3:12 le lenny face
i love the derp trumped playing in the background
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VIRAL SONG Wildlife : A selection of animated songs 2 days ago   03:07

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Tobuscus comes in and teaches young Tim Tim how to make a video go viral on YouTube. Viral songs are usually "clickable", and they contain a few things that everyone loves from funny videos they've seen around the web. For example: cute cat videos, laughing babies, hot girls doing almost literally anything you can think of, and, of course, educational facts about cashews, so that parents will let their kids watch the video.

If this doesn't become the most popular video on YouTube that he's going to have to start making me work for "free", which I already do.

UPDATE: This Viral YouTube song isn't the number one track on YouTube after what I think has literally been 30 seconds, so I'm never getting paid.

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Written and Performed by Toby Turner
Guitar by Eric Lewis
Director: Talia Ellis
Character Designer: Talia Ellis
Lead Animator: Stephanie Throssell
Animators: Ketzi Rivera & Chelsea Hemphill
Colorists: Britta Souhrada & Ketzi Rivera
Tobuscus and Tim Tim Character Designs by Gonzalo Villagomez
Track Produced by Choco


Look at little Tim Tim,
Tryin' to write a viral song.
He looks a little lost.
Guess I could help him along.

What you got, Tim Tim?
Aaahh! My door!
Never mind that, Tim,
I've come to help, you won't regret it.

Just follow the recipe,
And gather the ingredients.
Pick a topic people
Talk about on social media.

Don't violate the terms of service,
Or your vid will be deleted.
Also, make a catchy chorus.
Something that can be repeated:

Cats, cats, laughing babies,
People falling, hot hot ladies,
Sleepy puppies, dancing babies,
Kittens, monkeys, more hot ladies.

Put a lot of words in one verse.
Careful to enunciate it.
Sing multiple layers,
It helps if you animate it.

What do you mean? Animate it?
Um, what do you mean, "What do I mean?"
You said animated, what do you mean by that?
(No, No, No) (I don't think I said that at all.)
Yeah, I think you definitely said that.
No, I think I'd remember if I said that, for sure, definitely.
Well what'd you say?
Well I think it was probably something along the lines of, uh...

Cats, cats, laughing babies,
People falling, hot hot ladies,
Sleepy puppies, dancing babies,
Kittens, monkeys, more hot ladies.

Put a lot of words in one verse
Careful to enunciate ((Slurred)) it.
Say something educational
So parents let their kids play-it.

Did you know that cashews come from a fruit? (What?)
D-D-D Did you know that cashews come from a fruit (How?)
Ca-Ca-Ca Cashews, cashews, fru-fru-fru fruit! (What?!)
D-D-D Did you know that? (No...)

Did you know that cashews come from a fruit? (What?)
D-D-D Did you know that cashews come from a fruit (How?)
[Ha!] Ca-Ca-Ca Cashews, cashews, fru-fru-fru fruit! (What?)
D-D-D Did you know that? (I, I said no, I said no...no....)

It's ok, Tim, nobody blames you.
Most people don't know the truth about the cashew.
But now you do so next time you go to the playground,
Have everybody gather around and
Tell them what your good friend Tobuscus has taught you....

Did you know that cashews come from a fruit? (That's right)
D-D-D Did you know that cashews come from a fruit?
Ca-Ca-Ca Cashews, cashews, fru-fru-fru fruit!?
D-D-D Did you know that? Noooooo!

Cashews, cashews! Come from a fruit!
Cashews, cashews! Come from a fruit!
Cashews, cashews! Come from a fruit!
D-D-D Did you know that? NO!

Ok now, get this stuff out of my parent's house!
No, Tim, you're the one that asked for my help.
I didn't ask you for...(Shhh, you don't have to thank me, Tim Tim.)
Alright, I'm gonna get out of here, I'm gonna upload this to iTunes.
But I thought this was MY viral song!
You thought this was gonna be... Noooo, it's not gonna be viral;
It's a terrible song, I'm telling you to do it yourself,
And that's why I charged you 500 dollars.
We didn't agree on 500 dollars!
AAhhh, your voice is so annoying man, its so annoying.

© 2013 Tobuscus