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pepperoni and cheese.
Good times.
Loser Bfb
A what attack?
Paul Bennett
subscribed in like 1982 yet youtube has never reminded me..the Bastard :)
Divyanshu Kumar
Christmas so crying
Divyanshu Kumar
Badger my favorite
Operation Games
one of the dislikes is from Tom.
Anonomus Asasun
Owl inquisition 0:58
zachary stearns
BOO Dr.Phillooooohhhh
Echo The Trout
These bagers are crazy
Night Fox
Nature Imposter
Opossums actually look different in Australia their way cuter not saying American possums aren't cute but the Australian ones are just way cuter look it up yo.
Data Collaborate
At the Time of Badgers ... just headbanged the sh*t out... What a Beat!
XxxDavid ParkerxxX
This reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009). Except it's only cartoon-y, but not stop motion.
Tom Kazutara
Owls are by far my favorite. Will there be instrumental version of these song in the near future? :3
Sarah P
The girrafe song had a badger and books which means he's a fat Labrador
Cheese Os
King of the beavers
My childhood right here folks
Tamar Pomerantz
3:12 le lenny face
i love the derp trumped playing in the background
He might be the biology teacher
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Portal - The Pit Song Wildlife : A selection of animated songs 2 days ago   04:07

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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id975314394

Bandcamp: https://harrycallaghan.bandcamp.com/track/the-pit-song


Free Instrumental download:

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A lot of you requested that my Portal songs be available on Google Play, Amazon Music and several other large stores; so they are now! All the older songs, including this, should now be more available. =)


'The Pit Song' is an original Portal song. A rough draft of this song was originally created 3 years ago for the Portal Youtube series 'The Underground'.
It was a darker-themed Machinima and one of the episodes would feature 'The Pit'; where bots are tortured, destroyed, reappropriated, or just left to rot. All lovely fun for the whole family! I was to expand on it for a future episode. The series unfortunately went into indefinite hiatus, so the song was never finished...until now!

3 years later and I finally got around to remaking it using what I've learned over the years. A lot of you wanted this finished, including myself, so I hope you enjoy it! It was a lot of fun to make something darker and creepier. =D

This took about a month of dedicated work; which was initially slowed down a lot because I've had a lot of other large projects to work on these past few months. Got a lot more stuff coming in the coming weeks / months though. ;)

The old version (made 3 years ago):

VFX Breakdowns:


My other Portal songs you may enjoy!

This Is Aperture

If I Were A Core

The Wheatley Song


Making Science

GLaDOS Is To Blame

Dumb Ways To Die



Robot #22: He failed the turret peer-review.
Robot #24: He died before he hit the floor.
Robot #25: He never made it out alive.
And Robot #29: Died on the assembly-line.

You want to live? Don't hold your breath...
This isn't life, it's living death!
But not to fear, we're most humane...
You'll never be yourself again!

Robot #44: He couldn't take it any more.
Robot #46: The mechanic simply couldn't fix.
Robot #48: He perished from a gruesome fate.
And Robot #49: Simply ran right out of time.

You want to live? Don't hold your breath...
This isn't life, it's living death!
But not to fear, we're most humane...
You'll never be yourself again...

Robot #62: All he ever saw was blue.
Robot #63: Had an invalid serial-key.
Robot #65: He suffered a corrupted drive.
And Robot #67: Found his way into Android Heaven.

You want to live? Don't hold your breath...
This isn't life, it's living death!
But not to fear, we're most humane...
You'll never be yourself again...

These defective droids
All they know
Is how it feels
To be alone!
Beyond repair
They sit and rust
Broken down
Collecting dust!

They never had the chance to prove
What it is they were
Built to do!
Doomed to fail;
The final nail
In the coffin,
Of eternal jail!

You want to live? Don't hold your breath...
This isn't life, it's living death!
But not to fear, we're most humane...
You'll never be yourself again!
You'll never be yourself again!
You'll never be yourself again...


Animation | Vocals | Music | Lyrics | Editing
Harry Callaghan

Custom Turret / Core Rigs
August 'Rantis' Loolam

Certain Assets from the Portal Stories: Mel mod.

Software Used:
Animation - Source Filmmaker
Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 , Adobe After Effects CS6 , Adobe Photoshop CS6
Music - Reason 8


Follow me if you want: =)