BITTEN While Fishing a SNAKE Cottonmouth VS Copperhead! 1 day ago   21:11

Cole & Jay
Watch as we catch some big water snakes and beautiful rainbow trout at a beautiful cold water stream!!!

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wayne conrad
that was close,,,real close!!!lmao
aaron Austin
awesome, crazy but awesome.
Sothea Mam
Bill Mac Carroll
Bill Mac Carroll
I recently found you guys on you tube and love your interest, concerns and explanations of nature. What is your emergency plans or preparedness in case of a poisonous snake bite? What are the symptoms of a bite and how quickly should you be treated?
what a cute couple!
Judging by the thumbnail that's a milk adder 🤔
Randall Hips
You guys are the best.
Hey,great day trout fishing.
Man here in Pennsylvania youd make the newspaper with a stringer like that.
Unless your state doesnt allow taking wild snakes that pretty Midland comes home with me.
She looked awful swollen in the middle,I figure she either et one of the trout or shes gravid.
And that's what my interest would be in her,to breed her with another colorful Midland to breed out more little ones like her.
I thought you folks were from Georgia.
I had no idea Georgia has native trout like that.
Thought the water down south is too warm.
Where was that stream if you dont mind me asking?
And you scored big time in Bosco water too.......amazing.
I told you guys before,you are so cute together,if I were a TV guy,youd have yer own weekly show.....EXACTLY the way you do it.
Only have you guys go all over the country herping and fishing and even photography in places some cant afford to go.
Be a great way for young kids to quit worshipping video games and phones.
Nice fishing spot I'm have too many left around where I live anymore.
Thom Yafanaro
Very titilating
Diamond family Homestead
You guys can come fishing for trout on the Homestead any time just cleaned two less then one hour ago
CC Rider
He knows where to bite her at, right on the titty! 😜😂👍👍
CC Rider
Didn’t your mom tell you if U play with snakes you will pee in the bed 🛌? Lmao 😂
Liberal Insanity
I caught 75 huge crappie in a gravel pit lake one day as fast as I could cast a jig. They were spawning I think. You wouldn`t believe how big they get here in Louisiana. My mom won a fishing contest once with one that weighed 4 3/4 pounds and I caught one recently while camping that me and my friend both ate part of then shared with the dog and all of us got a good meal. I wish I could have weighed it. It was huge and I`d estimate that it was well over 3 pounds and that`s being conservative. Out of hundreds I caught there over the Winter and Spring it was the giant freak of the bunch.
Liberal Insanity
Cole can you tell me what kind of snake lives in water, has whitish-yellow and reddish-orange scales that alternate on its belly, but has huge fangs? It was about 8 or 9 feet long. We took a picture but it burned in a house fire. We killed it in Louisiana after it chased me out of the water in an old mill pond then tried to follow me on the bank. I`ve never seen another one like it.
Bozo the Hitler
You two would make great parents. I hope you make many strong healthy baby's because we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.
mark amburgey
i just ran across you guys and you both seem really cool and a lot of fun.. i think i have to subscribe so i can join in on your journeys.. take care have fun enjoy life.. best wishes
chupa cabbra
WTF would you want to fk with a snake stressing them out?
chupa cabbra
i have always heard to use darker colors in dark waters
Joe Smith
I used to grab copperheads, moccasins and got a rattler one time really small though, now I'm old and slow so I don't try it anymore.I did get a big king snake last year in the yard of course I just let it go on its way.
Tito Madrid
God bless y'all look beautiful together!!!
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Cottonmouth VS Copperhead! BITTEN While Fishing a SNAKE 1 day ago   16:59

On today's adventure, we're going to be catching two of North America's most famous pit vipers: the cottonmouth and copperhead, and showing you the differences between these two snakes! Both are venomous, both pack a punch, but are both completely different snakes!

Join Cajun Boy (Zachary Gray) as we explore through the southern United States, in search of two very famous venomous pit vipers. This is cottonmouth vs copperhead!!! As always we hope y'all enjoy this video! :D

Both these venomous pit vipers, are easy to misidentify with water snakes, rat snakes, racers, and any other nonvenomous snake, for those who aren't familiar with many snake species. Another name for the cottonmouth being the water moccasin, they spend most of their time in swamps or wetlands, searching for fish and frogs, while copperheads, normally found near water, prefer more upland areas to hunt for rodents. A bite from both these snakes can be fatal, however, with good medical treatment, it's extremely rare for deaths to occur. Both snakes have a hemotoxic venom, that contains a cocktail of different destructive proteins that are very efficient for hunting their prey. Neither of these snakes want to waste their venom, and will normally flee when approached by people. If you ever see either of these two venomous snakes, make sure to give them some space, and they'll do their best to avoid you.

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