Turtle vs Crawfish! *Epic Battle RARE BLUE LOBSTER NEST! 2 months ago   12:24

Joey Slay Em
Turtle vs Crawfish *Epic Battle Royale*

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Truth Seeker
Rest in peace Crawfish.
Chris Craven
More like Gamera vs Ebirah
Emaese Seen
Dont recibido your face we see The Epic Figth
marco 33
Like si no sabes inglés :v
secret star
My god
me: 11:19 holy fucking shit!!!
Hussain Alsayyad
maverick battle

rainy turtloid vs crush crawfish
11:40 Godzilla now is aiming for the ass
Beter! Godzilla vs Ebiarah!
Juan Vasquez
I think Godzilla is an alligator snapping turtle
Fire0ff [ Kun ]
That appear Godzilla 2014 ._.
Manuel Silva
Come mierdas asin sos salga un cancer en la bocaa
Sus vidas no son juegooood
Drake Long
Why can't you show him ripping it apart, that's the Best part of the video
Remington 700
Come on bro all that and we can't even watch it eat the crawfish I was zoned in to
Every time something interesting happens, you turn the camera up to your face and make ooking sounds.
Jose Miranda
dano life TMR
Why didn't u show the eating its educational. Something that happeneds in the wild close up lol..
dano life TMR
What's up Joe.. I watch catch em all the time, just started watching u tho cool vid..
Beef Lo Mein
Evil man you don’t do that I have a snapping turtle and He lives with crayfish you should not do that or else I murder everyone you know and love crayfish have lives to BTW
linkin park ??
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RARE BLUE LOBSTER NEST! Turtle vs Crawfish! *Epic Battle 2 months ago   14:12

Breeding my blue lobster with another blue crawfish

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