Fortnite Is Ruining Society The Return of Prank Invasion 5 months ago   12:42

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It turns out that #fortnite is the source of all the world's problems, according to this report by What Would you Do?

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Me: What do you want to drink?
Fortnite kid: I don't care
Me: * gives him milk with ice *
Joey K
Fortnite is like the perfect thing or for old washed up tv personalities to try to be modern and trendy but understand nothing about modern culture
dan 29
Why does Ashton look like Sven Johnson?
dan 29
mayu chan
"May I have a diet coke? And no lemon?"

Jason Culbertson
3:54 Imagine putting lemon in your diet coke
wizard friend
*shows battlefield for call of duty*
Me and the bf community: why I oughtta
Billybobjoe 0201
I think the real question is why a girl peeing her pants counts as news
Shitty, lazy parents are ruining society, not a video game. This is like when I was kid, and they blamed Ozzy for some monster of a teenager murdering somebody. I let my son play a couple hours of Fortnite after homework, and chores. Now he's bored with it. He said he's over it because it's the same thing over and over again (he's right). My ten year old can see the futility in it haha! Nit that there's anything wrong with it if that's your thing. Now he's obsessed with making art on photoshop, and before Fortnite him amd his dad liked dumpster diving for cardboard to build home-made medieval weapons. Put the effort in. Spend time with your kids, introduce them to all the awesome things the world has to offer. Take them on adventures. Don't wait for the world to expand your childs mind. It does NOT take a village to raise your child, it takes their parents. The village will only try to sell worthless shit to your kids, expose them to inappropriate adult content, and get them hooked on pop culture bullshit. And If you let your kid take an electronic device to the dinner table, then you get an F as a parent. Are you really going to allow a child tell you how it's going to be? Ridiculous. Kid's are fuckin rad when you raise them right. They need you to instill ethics, values, morals, respect, dignity, EMPATHY, a thirst for knowledge, curiosity and wonder. They don't come pre programed like an IMac We enjoy every moment with our tiny person! I even miss him while he's at school! He's hilarious, intelligent, and so very sweet. He's also a total weirdo haha! If you're not going put in the effort than why have kids in the first place? I'm serious. What kind of mom is going to sit on her ass, and complain that her son plays hours and hours of video games? Bitch you're pathetic. Your child does that because you can't muster up enough enthusiasm for your child past complaining. Fs for all these lame parent's. Hex on all their asses.
Tommy Lightning Bolt's Lego Tutorials
7:34 playing video games at the tittertable
I am 13 and I strongly believe that fortnite is the 8th deadly sin, and I'm not even religious.
Mr. Steal Your Pineapple Juice
Dear mothers, if your kid spends less time gaming than you do browsing Facebook, I think the real addiction should be clear.
Tommy Zhao
Why these american shows are so obivously faked and super dramatic
Jax Morris
9:25 black Jesus himself
Fortnite is gay though
Gatcha Bish
GrOwN mEn PlAy GaMeS?!?!?!?!?
Im a veteran and i can tell you at least 50% of everyone in the military plays either pubg or fortnite on their freetime..
Talkin bout grown men..... Shhhhh
Gatcha Bish
Lmfaooo fudge fortnite
_Pubg is the way to go_
if you wet yourself, you have other problems than gaming. that show is so stupid. if your kid brings a laptop out to eat, it's probably your own fault for not setting up bondaries. a good parent wouldnt allow him to bring a fucking computer
Little kid who said its addictive probably sucks cause he's on mobile what a fucken noob libtard
Probably not even a real gamer
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The Return of Prank Invasion Fortnite Is Ruining Society 5 months ago   12:29

Ya boy Prank Invasion is back with those spicy "pranks"


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