Fortnite Is Ruining Society The Return of Prank Invasion 2 months ago   12:42

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It turns out that #fortnite is the source of all the world's problems, according to this report by What Would you Do?

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Samuel Jones
“It’s me! Hispanic Oprah!!”

Omg, this took me OUT!! 👋😂
I love how h3 is cutting
Who plays fort nite on mobile lmao
The boy plays on mobble
Nick M
I can’t stand that show, why can’t these fools just mind their own business
Channel Channel
Ok what’s important Fortnite or my family?

Obviously fortnite
"Ukh you made me lose"

Get this kid an oscar.
Several hours a day? I watch YT while playing 4 accounts on RuneScape at the same time for 8-36hrs straight depending on the day.. I'm sorry, why is this an issue? o.O I've been doing this since 04 (although back then multi logging was against the rules so only one acc until OSRS). Also, I've met so many awesome people online from all over the world throughout the years on many different MMO's/games in general. Kids probably speak to more people than the parents do on a daily basis. I've met easily over five couples who met while playing video games and I myself have almost been engaged to someone I met in a game after she had come to live with me for some months a few years back (sadly that fell through). If anything, they help bring people together (for the most part), just in a much better fantasy world that is a lot more fun.
BryanNW 18
This is outrages not just the men but the woman and children too
Yulian of Rivia
There is always a Dalai Lama in every episode of that show.
Kristiaan Yeo
I think this show is BS. Was the black family just randomly chosen? I don't buy it at all. I think they're all hired in advance. Otherwise it's just a TV crew causing a nuisance to paying customers in a real restaurant. The whole set-up is a fraud. everyone in shot is paid. None of it is real
to my idc means his getting some water
That kid is a casual, you gotta play more than 43 hours a day no matter how impossible it may seem
Ali D
Never seen a kid playing fortnite at dinner, but I’ve seen moms on Facebook at dinner
Charlie Mcafoos
Sup fellow players
where is my minecraft hunger games instead of fortnite
If I saw that happen, I'd totally do nothing. Because it's none of my damn business.
big choo choo
I play 8 days a week
banana slam this dick
I like how they showed battlefield 1 instead of call of duty
Anyone else notice that when it says Call of Duty it show Battlefield
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The Return of Prank Invasion Fortnite Is Ruining Society 2 months ago   12:29

Ya boy Prank Invasion is back with those spicy "pranks"


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