CIFSRF: Session 5 Scaling up innovations Scaling Up Small Millet Production 1 day ago   54:55

Scaling up promising innovations in the food and agriculture sector has become an important strategy to generate greater benefits from investments, particularly to reach large numbers of people across geographical spaces. This session will discuss the various scaling up approaches and pathways CIFSRF undertook that led to the adoption of proven innovations. This session will explore the key enabling factors and constraints that support or limit the scaling up of innovations and the remaining gaps will be discussed.

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Scaling Up Small Millet Production CIFSRF: Session 5 Scaling up innovations 1 day ago   02:21

Sangeetha and her family have been manually pounding millet for decades. The work is long and arduous, and it often becomes women’s responsibility since their husbands and brothers go out to find work. IDRC-supported research has found that providing these women with millet grinding machines significantly lessens their workload and allows them time to focus on other areas of their lives.

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