Surprising Facts About Blood Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets 2 weeks ago   01:49

There's a lot about this business you don't know.
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"Diamond Edge"



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"Follow the Blood" by City of Hope,

"Spot Blood Up" by Ena Kurtagic Granulo:

"What's Your Type" by Jeremy Williams,


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Celina L
Isn’t anyone else shocked about the fact that male homosexual people aren’t allowed to donate? Why only male people? And why does it depend on their love?
"good for your health"
*shows people bleeding a river*
Zoltán Marosi
I had my 25th time today!
Amit Singh
I want to sell my blood for money.(8273174075 please call me)
Jeremy Medlock
I donate regular. I just donated double whole blood today
Maku - Kun
0:47 "you cannot donate blood..."
Me: whaaat? Why not?
0:49 "if you're a gay man"
Me: awwww come on!
k.harish babu
i donate my blood every 3 months once...Are there any problems?
Deepthoughts Herenow
Rh- blood is not very popular
Peach Glow
In Romania you can't donate blood if you have tattoos and I really wanted to donate...:(
Walid Elsawi
that means all buzzfeed members cannot donate blood...
ahmed rasim
why coastal region blood is expensive??
ahmed rasim
why coastal region blood is expensive??
Reshan Fernando
I donate blood last week now my joints are paining.. why's that?
Smug Smugly
Yeah well, Newman's not happy, he booted me out of his freezer. Look, I've got to take my blood back to the bank
Chris Plays Video Games and Vlogs
Good thing I'm not gay
I own 50 giant leeches.. I don't need to donate my blood..
The gay blood ban has changed in a lot of countries. In the US, men who have sex with men are banned only if they have had gay sex in the last year. The lifetime ban no longer applies
You can donate blood in some countries now if you're gay, but if you had a sex with a man (even if that's your monogamous partner/husband/etc.) then you can't donate for 12 months anymore. Kind of ridiculous, but we're getting there slowly.
Purple Lion
I thought the thumbnail was a cake....I'm blind
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Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets Surprising Facts About Blood 2 weeks ago   04:32

Hotel employees answer our most curious questions.

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