Life Coaching Videos to help Oprah gifting WISDOM that 6 months ago   00:28

Brett Baughman
Expert Life Coach and Therapist, Brett Baughman welcomes you to his companies: Master the Masses™ & The Brett Baughman Companies, Inc. His passion in life is to share his strategies and tools to help you become happier, healthier and more successful in your life.

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Our YouTube page is designed to help you become The Ideal You®
• Learn to let go of problems of the past
• Discover your life's Passion
• Develop new behaviors and thinking that create success
• Start feeling extraordinary every day!

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Excellent video production by Louis Baker

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Oprah gifting WISDOM that Life Coaching Videos to help 6 months ago   08:09

Notice at minute 3:22 Oprah mentions the contribution of a Life Coach that totally changed her life.