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The American University in Cairo Press
Lesley Lababidi, author of various guidebooks on Egypt, including Cairo: The Family Guide, written in collaboration with Lisa Sabbahy (AUC Press, 2010), introduces us to some of the specialties of Egyptian cuisine.

Cairo: The Family Guide provides all families moving to and living in Cairo—expatriate and Egyptian alike—with the resources and information needed to explore the city to the fullest.

To read more about the author, who has lived in Egypt for more than 20 years, and about her book The Family Guide, go to

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Tamer Salim
Unhealthy food
Spicy Cake
“or you can just, dig in “ luv that line ! 🤩👍❤️
chamye fadel
Deux heures plus tard , les merveilles de cette cuisine (Egypte) tomberont en miettes...! W.C !!
A el7alawany
This is an Egyptian breakfast not lunch
Hmm, I am Nour El lababidi....maybe we are related?
وصفات زى السكر
جميله جدا
Patty patty
Thank you for sharing
I will be in Cairo with my 3 friends very soon in April 2019. I would like to get the fullness experiences of Cairo 🙏🙏🙏
duc tri tran
No meat , vegan food .
Mohamad Adib Mohamed Shariff
I need to go to Cairo to try out these meals 😘😋
ميريام حنا
By the way we are the origin of flafel then syria take it from us.. Flafel egyptian word means alot of beans
J.R. A
Nice video but you're pronunciation is hilarious,...Anyway good for you. Eat this and you'll live a long life...
Rezki Kadir
هههههه الفول والبيض والبصل المصرين ونفخ البطن هههههههه
Haba Ahmed
It's not lunch it's our breakfast
Trio Llpp
النظافة اهم شي
Ebtsam Ahmed
But it is breakfast not lunch
Carta pacium
Looks so veg.
I approve.
Charles Davis
We were thinking about going to Egypt until we saw your video. Now the trip is off.
hesham fouad
fried with car oil ...yummy
هو الي قالتوا في الاول اهلا وسهلا استغفر الله افتكرت كانت بتقول تعويزه
Deedee S.
Carry in your purse?
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Ancient MAYAN FOOD - Jungle An Egyptian Lunch With Lesley 5 months ago   27:06

Ancient Mayan food in Quintana Roo, Mexico!
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One of the experiences I really wanted to have when I visit the Quintana Roo state of Mexico, was to learn about, cook, and eat authentic ancient Mayan food. So we rented a van, and drove over to the small jungle Mayan village of Chunhuhub, to meet up with Kíichpam K'áax (, who are aiming to preserve their Mayan culture.

It was about a 3.5 hour drive to get to Chunhuhub from Playa Del Carmen, so by the time we arrived we were all pretty hungry. We walked through the milpa (Mesoamerican crop growing system), and finally to the kitchen within the jungle of the property.

They were already busy cooking, preparing a few traditional Mayan foods, like a variety of tamales and cochinita pibil. They prepared everything to be cooked in the pib, the ancient Mayan traditional way of cooking - an underground hot rock oven (there are many cultures around the world who have used or still use a similar underground cooking technique).

Tok-sel - One of the most fascinating dishes they cooked was white beans, and they took a hot rock out of the fire, stuck it into the pan with the beans, and roasted them with the rock. It was incredible to see, and the beans had an incredible ummai flavor to them. They were delicious especially when paired with freshly made corn tortillas.

Achiote (annatto) - An interesting ingredients, used commonly in Mayan food and cooking, is achiote, a pod filled with red / orange fruit. It has a slight pepper and lemony taste, and also makes everything that uses it, bright orange.

Cochinita pibil - One of the main ingredients in cochinita pibil is achiote. They had pre-marinated it, and it cooked underground as well. The flavor of the pork was amazing, and with tortillas, onions, and salsa, it was truly support.

We had a number of different tamales as well, all of which were totally different from any tamales I’ve ever had. They were hearty and packed full of corn and beans, and very filling. They were a little on the dry side, but I fully enjoyed learning about them, and watching them being made. The different leaves, including the hoja santa, was great to learn about.

Special thanks to Centro Ecoturistico Kíichpam K'áax ( for putting everything together. They have an eco lodge and offer various off the beaten path activities like this.
Map data ©2018 Google

Thank you for watching this food in Mexico - ancient Mayan food video. It was an incredible experience to learn, cook, and eat, traditional Mayan food!


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