US Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses William Barr testifies for the first 1 day ago   34:59

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All the crazies are out in the comment section
Liz Potter
What a load of old backslapping lick lick balderdash. Don’t insult the memory of 1916 and the people who died for the freedom of the Irish people, that you lot are selling to the highest bidder. How dare you , you pack of hypocrites.
Don't threaten us you old bag
Edd 1
Stupid whore
stringer 2295
Why doesn't the 85 year old hag condemn the murder in londonderry.
Christy Dolan
Does Pelosi have a track record on Ireland and Northern Ireland or is she using this for any Presidential Campaign that she might have up her sleeve. Is this just a new found interest in Ireland? Not like the "Irish Vote" is still a thing in 'Merica as the last election showed
Mark Hansard
Did yous all no that bono took over Jimmy savile job ?? All you have to do is look at the people he does be around he was knighted by the paedophelia royal family so when he dies the truth will come out and also is part of the biggest scam ever in music history the dirt bag is he still wearing glasses indoors leve Jimmy's at home and people that do not no what this man is about are either very uneducated people or just don't care and love paedophiles child trafficking paedophiles at that what the f*** has this country come to to have people like this running government .. may God have mercy on their sold souls. If I was black I would be looking for this man because he is also responsible for millions of black people deaths in Africa.
Mark Hansard
Hope she gets shot with that gay man shame on anyone that voted for that dirt bag passed abortions let's terrorist in are country given illegal immigrants homes before are own people and all I see is people clapping you sold out are Irish people you and your families will also be dragged down with the working class it's an eye for an eye because we now who really runs you little gay f****** bastard and all people need the knowledge about the EU and who put this gay man in government sinn Fein fine Gael fina fall are all sell outs are justice system is against the Irish people they let Muslims off with rap and in prison around for robin rashers and sausages are Irish judges take bribes of terrorists the rich asked for all this but will probably have to pay with there lives for what they did and still do I wish the Ra bombed the fuck out of all of yous in that room except the ones that really want our future for our children but really they all work together they argue bit always agree when money is put in front of them but one day yous all have to answer to this your Pope loves yous because yous pass abortions and blessings to the gay man all devil worshiper that worship in a place down the country they do the same in bohemian grove in America they do the same thing here George Soros owns each one of those houses in the room they're all prostitutes really the men love little boys the woman love witchcraft and Agen if you voted for this government I have no sympathy for the likes of you people and anything bad that comes your way is well deserved and every person that voted for abortions cant have kids because most was gay and the rest and mentally ill ... I honestly have no problems with any Irish gay parson but this government is making gay people look bad because he's a non Irish gay man and that's WY we have this mess I can see WY us voted for trump ... anyway I will put a hex on this government for there children to suffer the same as are homeless Irish people the tax payers did not want abortion did not want to be hand and houses to immigrants and illegal immigrants while they're up to their eyeballs paying mortgages we have carbon tax now we pay for bins can you pay for water etc we are all slave's simple as if you think you are not well you are as dumb as meself are grandparents be turning there graves for letting this government do what they want for the EU I can only see bad tings happen from October onwards for politicians and media and innocent people as well but the people are very angry but would want to grow balls and get this government out and off this land there all scumbags most are peadaviles and want the Irish replaced by illegal immigrants so time to wake up out of the induced coma the government has yous in . God bless and Jesus Christ himself should stone every last one you used to death
.. and I want my 200k the government OWS me or yous will end up paying out over 6 million to someone if I don't get my fucking money and on my kids I'm not fucking message you can't say I didn't tell yous I have been saying it 6 years and I sead 6 years ago I'll give yous 6years just get judge Mary Ellen to give me my 200 thousand from the bride money she took off the terrorist and I will leave it at that . Or I swear on my children yous will have to pay a lot of money out for something because use will be held responsible for what will happen but it will not be me it will have absolutely nothing to do with me but the only way to get back at yours is true your f****** pockets..god bless see one of yous soon for my money.
Montel Dublin
I believe a fake alien invaders .may come or Satan may pretend to be Jesus and satan may use some of his supernatural power to fool people's worldwide.
Montel Dublin
The earth is flat and there is a
energy barrier keeping us in earth and if this information come out to a public there will be global chaos . If the earth is not flat why nobody went back to moon.
Arnold Swarez
Nancy pants in Ireland today. Says there will be no free trade agreement between Ireland and UK if there is a hard Brexit. Go home Nancy and sort out your own border. Every country needs her borders. Trump 2020.
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William Barr testifies for the first US Speaker Nancy Pelosi addresses 1 day ago   2:28:53

House Appropriations Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Subcommittee holds hearing on the "Dept of Justice Budget Request for FY20." Attorney General William Barr and Assistant Attorney General for Administration Lee Lofthus will testify.

This is the first time Attorney General William Barr is facing Congress since the completion of the Mueller report.

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