Lil Xan - TREE SAP (Official Video) Lil Xan feat Lil Skies - Lies (Official 2 weeks ago   03:01

Music video for TREE SAP (Official Video) performed by Lil Xan.

Directed By: Joe Goldberg

Copyright (C) 2018 Xanarchy Music.

#Xanarchy #TreeSap #LilXan

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Bxlazy 182
What the fuck.......................did I just witness 😐
Nikola XDDD
i love u miss u ❤️😭
GTX 72 D
I think you fall off
Malak Rrrr
*Hola soy Dora!!* 💀🥀
Lil xan career is dead
Ellias Maraver
Are those tattoos drawn with a sharpie?
wtf brow que porra é essa manu '-'
Semyon Ivanov
The beat is sick!
Semyon Ivanov
This beat is sick!
Semyon Ivanov
Dora the explorer
Semyon Ivanov
where is new album??
Michelle Vasquez
This chick ain't that bad
Ethan Estevez
why is a peice of trash raping trash in my ears
no self control whatsoever
why are yall listening if yall just hate on the man song
apoc bae
get this trash out of my recommended please.
Why does it show up in my lil Peep playlist ffs?
Richie Islander
Jan Christian
How the fuck he got more ad libs than the lyrics
Jose Quevo
This nigga ain't gonna live past 30
k ryce
trash af
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Lil Xan feat Lil Skies - Lies (Official Lil Xan - TREE SAP (Official Video) 2 weeks ago   03:26

New Lil Xan featuring Lil Skies "Lies" off Xan's upcoming Heartbreak Solider mixtape.

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